Learn More Why You Should Install Your Home Safe In These Locations

Nov 11, 2020 9:19 AM ET

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Safes have become a necessity when it comes to home security and protection. Many homeowners who equipped their houses with home security systems still bought home safes as a secondary security option. This is because of how reliable safes are to protect important documents, jewelry, cash, and even firearms from fire, flood, and especially from burglars.

However, there are still homeowners that face a dilemma when it comes to deciding where a safe should be installed. Since there are a lot of available locations where a home safe can be installed, we have listed down a few essential things you need to consider before you install a home safe.

The location of home safe installation differs with its size and content.

There are various locations where you can install a home safe. Hence, there is no exact or specific location where it should be installed. However, there are a few things that should be considered when choosing a place where to install it. These are the size of the safe, the content, and the frequency you need to check the contents.

As a rule of thumb, the location of your home safe box should be in a place where you can easily access it. But it should not be too conspicuous that it loses its purpose of being hidden and secured from any illegal intrusion.

If the content of your home safe is to protect your precious collection of jewelry, your home safe should be installed in your bedroom where you can easily retrieve it. Home safe stores that store firearms should also be installed in your bedroom. Any important documents such as passports and legal contracts placed in a home safe should be found installed in your working or study room.

Best locations where a home safe should be installed

Location matters when it comes to installing a home safe, even though there is no specific location for it, there are still best-suggested locations that you can refer to give you an idea.

In a wall. Wall safe works better in this location. You can embed your wall safe directly to a wall, but installing it needs a little help from professionals. A hole must be made if you prefer installing it in this location.

Against the wall. The best home safe installation practices is to have it inside furniture and against the wall. It is hidden and securely anchored to the wall making it difficult to be taken out.

Underfloor. Installing a home safe in your underfloor might be a little tricky, yet it poses extra security to your valuables. It is difficult to detect for burglars, and when it is anchored to the floor, it takes some time for them to have it taken out. Underfloor installation works best for safe that are big in size. When you have a concrete or wooden floor, this can still be achievable with the help of professionals.

Purchasing a home safe and the installation can cost you a dime, yet homeowners still do it. Why?

Even though many houses today are equipped with a home security system, homeowners still opt to have a personal home safe in their property because of two primary reasons.

In case of fire

The home security system rings a security alarm when cases of fire are present. However, it doesn’t protect any of your valuables. You only have time to gather things you need or to escape right away. When you have a home safe with a 1-hour fireproof rating, your important documents and valuables are still protected while an emergency fire rescue comes.

Pro-tip: The best location to add another layer of protection from fire is to install your home safe at the corner where two outside walls meet. This location provides most of the security and support, even for heavy safes.

In the case of burglars

One of the primary reasons why a home safe is a popular choice of protection is because of its capability to keep your valuable items hidden and secured from any attempt of illegal intrusion or burglary. A home safe is equipped with combination dials that deter any attempt of burglars to invade your items. Alongside with your home security system, if available, burglars cannot continue with their invasion attempt and can cause them to panic.

Pro-tip: Other home security companies suggest having your safe installed using the famous quote “Out of sight, out of mind” process. Installing a home safe should blend in with the environment so that it won’t attract too much attention. The best places are behind a wall frame, a closet cabinet, or under the floorboards.


Many homeowners who already spent dollars in installing a home security system still prefer to have a home safe box. It is because home safety is reliable and a good option to deter any attempt of burglars and even more so protect it from fire. Yet, it is imperative to know which are the best locations you need to have it installed. It is not only the quality of the home safe that matters, but it is also the location where it is installed.