LG OLED will be superior to Samsung QLED in the year 2019

Mar 29, 2019 1:55 PM ET

Samsung and LG are serious rivals when it comes to the battle of displays. Both of these companies are in constant struggle to present the best display that can outshine the others. Samsung’s display technology is known as QLED while LG’s display technology is known as OLED. Samsung QLED is the representation of its technological power in TV and display business. On the other hand, LG OLED is the pride of their display technology. The companies are in heated competition with each other and both are constantly improving their displays. LG and Samsung are claiming that they are offering the best product. When you take a look at the market then it is clear that Samsung has the upper hand. Considering the quality of these displays, LG seems to be the winner.

The competition between LG and Samsung displays

The two rivals are still in the heated competition. OLED seems to be the winner of this competition based on the side by side review conducted by some expert. The overall image quality of OLED is better than QLED making it more favorable display. The tests were conducted in 2018 and the LG’s displays released in that year were superior to the displays of Samsung. In the year 2019 LG seems to be the winner once again based on the technology of their displays. Though Samsung had made more improvements to their displays compared to LG. There are some advantages of OLED that can make this display the winner once again this year.

Difference between QLED and OLED

To know the difference, first, you need to understand what OLED and QLED mean. QLED stand for Quantum Light Emitting Diode while OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. The word Organic should make most of the thing clear because both of these technologies are based on different principle. On the other hand, QLED is something between an LCD and LED because it utilizes both of the technologies and adds quantum dot film to the LCD. Samsung’s QLED depends on the light emitting from the LCD because it is transmissive. On the other hand, all of the pixels in the OLED emits its own light rather than relying on the external source of light which makes it emissive. LCD is old technology so in a sense, QLED is much closer to the traditional LCD than OLED. The distinctive technology of OLED makes it a totally different class of Display and can be considered the next step in television evolution.

OLED is advance technology

The light in QLED display is emitted by a traditional LCD and when that passes through the Quantum dots then it creates color which makes it LCD in the end. OLED, however, is not an LCD but rather a totally different class of display making it more effective than QLED. Samsung has improved the quantum dots but it still can’t reach the caliber of LG because they are using a different class of display. So the technology of OLD will make it a better display even in 2019.

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