Life Line Screening Review (Updated): Is Life Line Screening Legit?

Jun 7, 2023 10:16 AM ET

The best method of keeping yourself healthy and preventing ailments is to detect the symptoms of the ailment before it takes hold. Most cases of death from sudden heart attacks and strokes show that the victims of these diseases often overlooked symptoms of their conditions and rarely went for health checkups.

Many people don’t get their health checked because it can be very expensive in America. In America, a visit to a doctor can cost you hundreds of dollars and a large sum of your time. Life Line Screening is an exclusive health screening company that offers comprehensive health screening services to their customers for a very low cost without taking up too much of your time.

In this Life Line Screening review, I have discussed all aspects of the Life Line Screening health screening company. To comprehend how you can detect and prevent deadly diseases without emptying your pockets, you need to read this review.

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What is Life Line Screening?

Product Name
Life Line Screening Type
Healthcare service Benefits
Disease detection, prevention, precautions, affordability, convenience. Results
7 days Price
$159-$249 Website

We all heard the phrase “Health is wealth” at some point. The phrase means that if you have good health, you have endless possibilities in life. But the sad truth is we can’t always control what happens to our healthy bodies. We never know our next ailment and how badly it may affect us.

The Life Line Screening Company has helped millions across the United States stay healthy and flourishing. Life Line Screening is America’s best health screening service. The health screening company is operational in 100 cities and 14000 locations throughout the United States, so you’re never far away from getting your health checked by Life Line Screening.

Life Line Screening offers highly accurate screenings for cancer, heart disease, kidney, and liver diseases for a fraction of a cost of a clinic or a visit to a doctor. You must routinely get your health checked if you want to stay in good health while living a long and happy life. Life Line Heath Screening makes getting your health checkup easier than ever.

Here are a few highlights of the Life Line Screening health checkup that you must know:

Life Line Screening service is the easiest way to routinely get your health screened.
You always have a Life Line Screening screening-center near you if you’re in the United States.
Life Line Screening appoints licensed doctors and healthcare professionals to conduct health screenings.

How does Life Line Screening work?

To book a regular health screening appointment, you must first find the right venue, schedule an appointment with a doctor, and spend a ton of money to get your screening report. If you’re sick and need to schedule a health screening as quickly as possible, scheduling a health screening directly at a clinic can be a hassle, to say the least.

Life Line Screening service makes rescheduling a health screening easier and cheaper than ever thought possible before. The founders of Life Line Screening know that we see so many sudden deaths in the country because people don’t get their health checked as often as they should. To encourage people to check their physical well-being as often as possible, the founders of Life Line Screening have made it cheaper and have brought the entire process of scheduling a health screening to their fingertips.

To Book your health screening on Life Line Screenings, visit their official website first. On the Life Line Screening official website, you must select the type of health screening you want (heart/cancer/liver/kidneys/prostate and others). After selecting the type of health screenings you want, LifeLine Screening will provide details about yourself, your medical history, and your zip code. After you’ve submitted your request for a health screening, Life Line Screenings will give you details about your appointment. They will direct you to your nearest Life Line Screening screening center.

Life Line Screening actually makes staying healthy easier than ever.

Is Life Line Screening actually good?

I have used the services of LifeLine Screening myself before and have never been disappointed with it. I always like to inform myself of my internal health conditions to prevent future complications.

Once at a LifeLIne Screening session, they found a spot on my lungs that turned out to be the beginning stage of fluid buildup in my lungs. I was very troubled when I first saw the report, but after, the experts who performed the test on me told me it was nothing to be stressed about and that it would get better if I only followed a doctor’s prescription.

After getting in touch with my doctor and showing him my reports from my LifeLine Screening, the doctor told me to stop vaping for a few months and prescribed me some medications. As the experts at LifeLine Screening assured me, I found that the spot on my lung was gone at my next LifeLine Screening session.

Based on my personal experience, I have to say that the LifeLine Screening health screening service is good. If you don’t believe my words, then you may believe the thousands of people who have gotten their health checked through the service are saving their lives.

What’s the history of LifeLine Screening?

LifeLine Screening first started off as a wellness company back in 1993. the main aim of the LifeLine Screening wellness company was to make it easier for everyone to get access to life-saving healthcare services for very low prices.

The company wants to help prevent deadly diseases and save people from sudden deaths such as strokes and heart attacks. So far, LifeLine Screening has saved thousands of lives all across America through its services.

The company began offering health screening services at community events and gatherings like hospitals, public parks, and churches. The company established its service cents in 2007, alleviating its service. Because of the LifeLIne Screening health screening centers, people could now receive affordable and easy health screenings and follow-up health checks whenever they wanted.

Since establishing its first screening centers, LifeLine Screening has now expanded to 48 states in the US, with the other states joining in soon. They have served over 8 million people since their establishment and have saved countless lives.

What benefits can I enjoy using the Life Line Screening service?

We must constantly monitor our health to detect and prevent fatal illnesses from developing inside of us. Health screenings can save you from suffering an untimely death. So as you can imagine, there are tremendous benefits to using the LifeLine Screening service. I have prepared the list below to inform you of some potential health benefits of using the LifeLine Screening service.

Prevent Heart Diseases: Just because many people die yearly from sudden heart attacks doesn’t mean heart diseases can’t be detected. Before your heart caves in and suffers a cardiac arrest, your heart and blood vessels undergo changes that prevent the heart from pumping the way it should. Through the LifeLine Screening service, you can monitor your heart condition anytime and get a full report of what’s happening to it. By knowing what’s happening to your heart, you can take steps to treat your heart and prevent heart attacks.
Treat Cancer: The LifeLine Screening cancer screening service will help to detect the existence of cancer cells in your body. By detecting the presence of cancer cells in the body, you can take steps to reverse the course of cancer development.
Prevent Sudden Strokes: Just like heart attacks, strokes can occur suddenly and can be prevented. Through the LifeLine Screening service, you can detect signs of a probable stroke by checking for atrial fibrillation and changes in blood pressure. When LifeLine Screening detects signs of stroke attacks, it will tell you the steps you can take to prevent a stroke and treat its underlying causes.
Easy and Affordable Health Screening: We all know how costly a visit to the doctor can be. A visit to a doctor can send you back many dollars, not to mention the cost of the checkups themselves. If you don’t have good insurance covering your back, you may need to empty half your bank account on health checkups, doctor visits, and follow-ups. Through the LifeLine Screening service, you can access affordable health screenings anytime. It won’t cost you too much time either; you will only have to start your computer, visit the LifeLine Screening website, and schedule your next health screening.

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Pros and cons of Life Line Screening

Even though LifeLine Screening is the best option for getting a comprehensive health screening, there are a couple of negative aspects. To help you compare the positives of the LifeLine Screening service with the negatives, I have created a list of all the positives and negatives of the LifeLine Screening service in this section of the review.


Prevent further chronic disease problems.
You can quickly schedule a health screening near you.
LifeLine Screening has screening locations in nearly every state and 100 cities.
Access to some of the greatest medical professionals in the United States.
You will never have to feel stressed about having a heart attack or a stroke.
They have organized 14,000 screening events around the United States.
It’s the most convenient way to have your health tested.
Early detection of chronic diseases.
Procedures are painless and non-invasive.
Every year, around a million people use LifeLine screening services.
Audits of their screening tests are carried out.
See what’s going on within your body for peace of mind.
LifeLine Screening is less expensive than any other type of health screening.
The screening reports of each other’s physicians are reviewed.
LifeLine Screening’s vascular screenings are comparable to those performed by any healthcare facility in the United States or the United Kingdom.


Insurance does not cover Life Line screening.
It may produce false positives.
It takes a week to get results.

How to use Life Line Screening?

Anyone who’s had to deal with the American healthcare system knows how dreadful of an experience it can be. You will need to spend hours looking for a doctor to schedule a meeting with and spend close to thousands of dollars on the tests and follow-ups. Many people in the US believe visiting a doctor to get them checked isn’t worth the cost or the hassle. Therefore, those people are left unchecked and are more likely to suffer sudden deadly health problems.

Life Line Screening has made health screenings as easy as possible. You won’t have to spend hours looking for the right facility to schedule your health screening because LifeLine Screenings will do it for you. It will also help to save you quite a few bucks as the health screening service isn’t nearly as expensive as other options.

To book your health screening session with LifeLine Screening, you will have to:-

Visit the LifeLine official website.
Select the type of health screening you need.
Input your location and required information.
Confirm your health screening test.
Receive the location of the LifeLine Screening facility near you.
Get your health screened.

Some health screening packages offered on the Life Line Screening website.

You can basically get all aspects of your health checked on LifeLine Screening. You can apply for a screening test to check for specific health conditions such as cancer and kidney diseases or opt for general health checkups on-site.

This section of the Life Line Screening review lists the most widely chosen health screening packages on LifeLine Screening.

Men’s Complete Health Screening

Carotid Artery Screening.
PAD Screening.
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening.
Atrial Fibrillation Screening.
Kidney health examination.
Screening for testosterone.
Liver health examination.
Prostate cancer screening.
Price: $249.

Women’s Complete Health Screening

Carotid Artery Screening.
PAD Screening.
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening.
Atrial Fibrillation Screening.
Liver Screening.
Kidney disease testing Screening for osteoporosis.
HsC protein assay.
A1c testing for thyroid hormones.
Price: $249.

Heart Disease Screening

Peripheral arterial disease screening.
Abdominal aortic aneurysm examination.
Test for arterial fibrillation.
Price: $159.

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Life Line Screening user reviews

Now that you know what makes the LifeLine Screening service so good and what my thoughts are, it’s time you see what other service users say about it.

Before writing the LifeLine Screening review, I had gone through numerous LifeLine Screening reviews shared by many of its past customers. Here I have gathered three user reviews written by three different service users.

The LifeLine Screening user reviews are as follows:

“LifeLine Screening did a great job, and their crew was courteous and professional. They identified some problems, so I went to the doctor and had surgery. In the end, they may have saved my life.” Mac.
“Everyone told me I should get my carotid artery checked for clogs. I had it tested with LifeLine Screening, and according to what they noticed in their photos, there were small obstacles.” Steven.
“For the past ten years, I’ve used LifeLine Screening whenever possible. Everything is moving at breakneck speed. It’s similar to an assembly line, but these people are specialists. It occurs quickly. They take you down there. They’re friendly. That is why I am returning. It’s quite professional.” Kelly.

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Life Line Screening Review: Conclusion

Most of us don’t pay as much attention to our health as we should. We see so many sudden heart attacks, strokes, and fatal chronic illnesses in the country because we are putting off health checkups or not paying any attention to our health at all.

One of the main reasons we avoid getting our health checked so much is because it’s a lot of hassle and costs a fortune. If only we got our health checked more often, there is no telling how many lives could be saved yearly. This is why I believe the LifeLine Screening is such an important service. In this LifeLine Screening review, I have shown you how this amazing healthcare service can help you stay fit and healthy.

Never again will you have to put off getting your health checked for risk of sudden death. LifeLine Screening is the best place to get your health screened and prevent deadly diseases and death.

Life Line Screening FAQ

Does insurance cover Life Line Screening sessions?

No, your insurance will not cover LifeLine Screening. You may think it not being covered by health insurance is a con, but let me assure you it will cost you close to nothing in comparison.

How long does Life Line Screening take to deliver results?

After scheduling a screening session with LifeLine Screening and getting yourself checked, you must wait around a week to get your results.

Are Life Line Screening test results accurate?

Yes, LifeLine Screening test results are as accurate as any medical test can be. But there’s always a slim chance of false positives. The LifeLine Screening service cross-checks their results with other doctors and health care professionals to give you as accurate results as possible.

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