Likes For A Business On Instagram

Jul 15, 2020 10:00 AM ET

Likes on Instagram can be seen as a type of foundation for the site. This foundation is slowing changing to that of engagement but till then we have to deal with likes and how to get more. Likes are good for personal and private accounts but are not necessary. However, regarding business, or a company’s account then likes can come across as a food source for attention.

Why You Would Want To Get Liked

On a psychological level you (and everyone) like pleasure and to feel happy. When you experience this, your brain releases dopamine. This is nicknamed the “happy chemical” since it essentially causes happiness. However, it can also be the reasoning behind why people get addicted to social media and the search for more likes. But this is on a personal level.

Regarding business accounts, getting more likes can help put the algorithm in their favor. If they get enough likes they can be featured on trending as well as be the top result in a search. This would be great to reach out to a wider audience to sell their serves, or products, or artworks, etc.

Know Your Audience And What To Post

A good way to increase the number of likes you will get is by catering to your target audience. Making posts that they would want to see and sharing information or tips that they would want to know. When you figure out your company’s target audience; then you can make posts that they want while still keeping true to your product or service.

At the beginning of your like-chasing ways, your company may want to investigate buying likes from places such as Ingramer. This can be done as a way to boost the likes counts as to kind of trick the algorithm to get your post to a further audience. It is done to attract more audience and it is only a boost, not a solution. You would still need to put in the effort to get real users to notice your company.

Content may also require some trial and error to get at the heart of the audience but this is good to do. Plus, it can be fun. If you have fun, they may like (see what we did there?) you more. You can post advice or tips posts. Posting behind-the-scenes, as well as work in progress, is also a good way to go.

Make The First Move

People like to like posts from real people. This can sometimes be hard to prove online with a business account. But it can be done. The first way would be by liking other account’s post and throw in a few posts that do not have to do with your line of work. You should also comment on other posts as a human being would. Not selling your product or services but adding to the conversation politely. This can make you seem like a human and make people want to check out what you have to offer.


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