Lobster Tails

Feb 22, 2021 4:55 PM ET

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Lobsters are a family of large marine crustaceans (Nephropidae, occasionally Homeridae as well).

Lobsters have long bodies and muscular tails and they live on the seafloor in crevices or burrows. Three of the five pairs of legs, including the first pair, have claws that are typically much broader than the others. Lobsters, which are highly valued as seafood, are economically important and often one of the most profitable resources in the coastal areas they occupy.

Compared to cold-water Maine lobster tails direct from the frozen waters of the North Atlantic, there are no tails. Our tails are only made of hard-shell lobsters, ensuring that each tail is full of tender, sweet meat. We procure from sustainable fisheries the very finest & highest quality lobster tails in the world.

Lobster tails come from all over the world with varying degrees of quality: Brazil, Florida, South Africa, Maine, Canada (cold water and warm water tails).

We delivered our hand-picked, hard-shell lobster tails right to your doorstep. It’s easy to cook on your grill. On your table, unforgettably delicious. We have you covered, whether you are searching for a whale of a tail, frozen lobster tails, fresh shucked lobster tails or BBQ lobster tails for the grill. In pursuit of massive lobster tails? We got a few true beauties. Have a look at our 16-20 oz. Colossal tails of lobsters. Instructions on how to cook lobster tails are also included in each and every order.

In pursuit of live Maine lobsters? Check out our lobster menu and order Maine lobsters delivered by the pound overnight. With FREE next day delivery, we also have special lobster gifts and lobster dinner packages available.

Cold Water Frozen Lobster Tails:

  • Tails of Cold Water Lobster-Sea Sweet Taste
  • Hard Shell Only for Maximum Meat Yield Harvested
  • 100% All Natural- No Additives
  • From the Cold North Atlantic Waters

Order lobster tails from a source that is trusted. Be careful when buying lobster tails online as there are wide ranging levels of performance. Our lobster tails are very different from those in the major catalog companies or the big club stores that you find. Do not settle for warm water or Caribbean lobster tails for imitation. During the cooking phase, a sub par lobster tail will dry out and/or shrink to nothing. So be vigilant when you find too much on the tails of lobster.

Our fresh lobster tails are great for grilling, on the broiler, or for cooking and stuffing.

Simply thaw the tails for a delicious feast and follow our lobster tail cooking instructions.

Why Tails for Maine Lobster?

When you buy Maine lobster tails, you order a cold-water crustacean. By comparison, you’re probably buying a warm-water lobster if your lobster tails come from Florida, the Caribbean, or Latin America. In many key ways, these differences vary. Warm-water lobsters are marginally less expensive, but the only choice is a Maine lobster if you’re after the distinctive lobster taste and texture. Warm-water lobster tail meat will stay soft and mushy when baked, not firm and buoyant as a Maine lobster tail. Even if you manage to firm up a warm-water tail, it will fall apart quickly. Warm-water lobsters are also known to have a faint scent of ammonia.

As a cold-water alternative, passing off a hot-water lobster is easier with tails than with whole or live crustaceans. It’s more difficult to measure the variety of the lobster from only one piece of its body, so doing a little analysis is the best way to find out which form you’re buying. If the website of a corporation states, “harvested from the Gulf of Maine,” you are on the right track. We recommend calling ahead or bringing the company elsewhere if there are no requirements.