Mad Box a new approach to console gaming

Mar 7, 2019 2:41 PM ET

Mad Box

For a very long time, X box and PlayStation has been the only consoles dedicated to video games. PC is also being used for the video games and enjoying games at their full capacity is considered to be possible only on Windows PC. Nintendo is also a big player, but they are focused on portable gaming. No Console offer both the feature of a PC and Console, but that seems to be changing. Slightly Mad Studio is bringing a console to the market that will be as powerful as a PC with the functionalities of a console. It will also support virtual reality headset from major manufacturers of the industry. The console will run games at 4k and 60 frames and 90 frames per second or 120 frames per eye in VR. According to the CEO of the company Ian Bell, it will be the most powerful console of its generation. The price of the console will be competitive with other consoles of its generation.

Development so far

Slightly Mad Studio is the company behind racing games such as Project cars and Need for speed shift. According to the CEO of the company they will not be releasing the Mad Box with PlayStation 4 and X Box One but rather the upcoming generation of these consoles. The console will be shipped in the three years, and it will be as powerful as a gaming PC of that time.  The console will also offer free cross-platform game engine this will give the ability to its users to develop games freely without paying for the engine. The console will be released worldwide, and it won’t have any exclusives. According to the company’s CEO, they are focused on cross-platform and are not ready to pay developers and to make the games solely for the Mad Box. According to the CEO, the company will not be taking massive cuts from the units but instead make it a dominant market competitive console. It will also have the ability to sync with other Mad Boxes manually.

Possible future

At the current stage, Mad Box has not shown any promises strides in the development of console. All they have given are the expectation of Mad Box without giving proper specs of the console. The frame rate of the console is also not yet decided. At first, they said that it would be 60, then they said 90 and later 120 at 4k which makes all the speculation just a shot in the air. They also noted that mad box won’t have any exclusives in the beginning but will depend on cross-platform support. A console is as good as its exclusive as proven by the situation of X Box one. The exclusives made PlayStation 4 a success, and it has sold more than 90 million copy. Unless Mad box offers a significant advantage in term of exclusive titles. Its success can’t be decided, or it might be even canceled if the response is not good just like The Phantom console.


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