Making the Right Choice: What to consider when buying pet toys

Apr 8, 2022 9:00 PM ET

All dogs love toys – some, more so than, even human children! Toys provide a great source of fun for the dogs, and their human family members who play with their pets. But toys are also an excellent source of exercise for your pet. The running, romping, biting, fetching, and jumping with toys, keeps your pet in prime physical and mental shape. So, think about that when you next go shopping to buy toys at wholesale pet stores.  


The problem, however, with picking toys for your pets is: What to buy for them? Like human babies (and young children), pets too can be very picky when it comes to the toys they like. You may buy them an expensive chew-toy, and they may hardly even sniff at it. But a cheap rubber ball, or a pair of your old sneakers, on the other hand, might give them endless hours of pleasure.

The choice, of course, is individual – it depends on many factors, such as:

– the breed of your dog (some are less enthusiastic than others)

– the size of your dog

– their personality

– their love for physical activity and playfulness

– the environment they’re in

So, with so many choices available at wholesale dog supplies websites, how do you pick toys that your pets will like; and which are good for them to play with? Looking for that right combination of toys can be daunting for pet owners – so let’s help you with those tough decisions.

Making the Right Choice

It seems like each day, toy-makers come up some new toy or gizmo that will enthrall our furry friends. It’s often tempting to buy them as soon as you see them. And, it’s likely that, if your pet is with you when shopping for toys at wholesale shops – or even online, they’ll immediately wag their tails in agreement. Buy before you buy, here are things you must consider:

– Safety first: Avoid sharp, pointy toys – no matter how cute and fun they may look. You risk injury to your pet

– Right size: Size your purchases according to the size of your dog. A too large ball will likely go un-played with; too small, and they may swallow it and choke on it

– Personalize your choice: Small and gentle-natured dogs may like soft and chewy toys – like a stuffed animal. Larger, more aggressive-natured pets may rip apart softer toys, and attempt to chew or swallow dangerous content inside – squeakers, whistles, and bells

– Treat your dog: Dog toys that fill with treats or hidden kibbles and nibbles are a fan favourite. Before buying such toys, though, make sure they’re approved by the EPA, and don’t contain parts made from bisphenol-A (a.k.a. BPA) 

Ideally, choose toys that you can wash and clean quickly and easily. For instance, you may find treat-containing toys at wholesale dog supplies stores that are hard to open, rinse out, or wipe clean. For the health and safety of your pet, you should consider an alternative to such toys.  Making the right choice for dog toys is a personalized decision. What’s good for your neighbors’ pet, might not work for your dog.

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