Man Arrested After 8 Years For Brutally Killing His 18-Year-Old Girlfriend For No Reason

Apr 7, 2020 3:05 PM ET

Officials Arrested And Charged Husband Who Mysteriously Killed His Wife Who Was Missing From A Month

At only 18 years of age with a promising future in front of her, Georgia adolescent Honey Malone was gunned down inside a companion’s loft for apparently no obvious explanation. Right around eight years after the fact, a suspect has been captured.

Specialists captured Donald Ashe, 34, at 4:30 p.m. on Friday at a Stone Mountain home. As indicated by Dekalb County Police Sgt Lynn Shuler, there will perhaps be more captures.

We do accept that numerous individuals are liable for this wrongdoing, and the examination is progressing, he said. We trust more captures will follow.

As CrimeOnline recently announced, Honey, strolled to a companion’s Stone Mountain condo on October 23, 2012, around five minutes from her own home.

Before she left, she stated, ‘Mother, I truly love you, her mom, Flora, told CrimeOnline in 2018.

Inside 60 minutes, Honey was dead.

Officials with the Stone Mountain Police Department thumped on Flora’s entryway at around 11 p.m. that night and revealed to her Honey may have been shot while at a complex once in the past called Hampton Village Apartments, off of Tree Mountain Parkway.

Police stopped loft 6902, where two individuals, a man, and lady, were purportedly tied up during what appeared to be a theft. Criminologists closed Honey strolled in during the burglary and was likely destroyed when she attempted to escape.

The man and lady told police they were tied up with a shoelace and additional string after three to six men busted into the condo entryway.

The suspects tossed the Honey’s phone away from the crime scene

The speculates then supposedly constrained the pair into the washroom. A brief timeframe later, Honey obviously strolled in the entryway. The suspects didn’t approach anything from the condo from Honey’s cellphone, which was found hurled away around a large portion of a mile from the wrongdoing scene.

For what reason did they need to execute her? On the off chance that she fled they could have fled also, CSI and Director of Atlanta’s Cold Case Investigative Research Institute (CCRI), Sheryl McCollum, who has been effectively working the case, told CrimeOnline.

In 2019, McCollum collaborated with CBS46’s CSI Atlanta to keep the case in the spotlight.

Past euphoric for her momma, McCollum revealed to CBS 46. Clearly we’d love a conviction since that would set what her family has been seeking after.

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