Marcus Trevisani Explains Why Software Development Offers a Great Career Opportunity

Jun 29, 2021 3:15 PM ET

Marcus Trevisani Explains Why Software Development Offers a Great Career Opportunity

Experienced software engineer Marcus Trevisani is going to explain why software development offers a great opportunity.

Considering a career in software development? If so, seasoned software developer Marcus Trevisani has some insights. A career in software development can be challenging, but is also rewarding, financially and in other ways as well.

“Coding and software development requires patience, intelligence, and persistence,” Marcus Trevisani says. “If you put in the work, however, you may be able to enjoy a lucrative and stimulating career.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that by 2026 the United States alone will suffer from a shortage of 1.4 million Computer Science professionals. And by 2030, software development is projected to employ 85.2 million workers worldwide. If companies are unable to find the necessary talent to build out their ambitions, however, the world economy might miss out on $8.4 trillion in revenue.

Taken as a whole, this means there’s a huge demand for talent and not nearly enough people to fill all the positions. While this might be bad news for employers, for employees, high demand and limited supply may lead to higher wages, career growth, and more flexibility.

“It’s impossible to say what the future holds,” Marcus Trevisani notes. “But if you acquire software development skills, those skills are probably going to be in high demand. This means companies may end up bidding for your work, offering higher salaries and great perks.”

According to the BLS, the average software developer takes home over $110,000 per year. Job growth from 2019 to 2029 is expected to weigh in at 22 percent. This makes software development one of the most lucrative careers in the world.

“The money in software development is great,” Marcus Trevisani points out, “that said, that’s far from the only perk. You can often work remotely, writing software from say a beach in the Caribbean. If you’re not meshing with a team or company, you may be able to find a job elsewhere in a matter of days.”

Such flexibility means software developers can be a bit picky and can look for jobs and companies that are a good fit and that pique their interests.

Marcus Trevisani Discusses the Intellectual Growth Spurred By Software Development

At first glance, software development can be rather intimidating. Indeed, developing the knowledge and skills needed to enjoy a successful career does take a lot of work. Yet many developers love their job because it stimulates intellectual and creative thinking.

“Do you like to solve problems? If so, software development may be the right career for you,” Marcus Trevisani argues. “What I love day in and day out is overcoming challenges. And at the end of the day, I can see the fruits of my labor, in this case functioning software.”

Rather than doing repetitive, boring tasks, as a software engineer, you may find yourself overcoming new but stimulating challenges every day while also building products and solutions for tomorrow.

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