MarketSpots Review

Feb 9, 2021 7:36 AM ET

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Over the course of the past few years, trade markets have grown to be more lucrative and a vast majority of people have devoted their attention to online trading. As more and more people are getting into online trading, several new online brokerage firms have also emerged in the industry very quickly. Now, when you search on the internet you would find a long list of online brokerage firms. It is in fact great to have multiple brokers standing in front of you while offering their services as you get the opportunity to choose to trade with the broker you think is the right choice for you.

However, it is really a time-consuming task to find out an ideal broker from the vast list of brokerages. When you browse through the list of online brokers, you will come to know that there are two kinds of brokers. The first kind consists of those brokers who only care about the money of investors and nothing else. They usually target beginner traders who can easily come into their bait. While on the other hand, the second kind involves those whose only concern is to cater to the needs of traders and investors. MarketSpots falls into the second category whose main focus remains on accomplishing the needs of clients and not to run after their money.


MarketSpots Review

It is not one of those brokers who only make false claims but do not live up to those claims. Rather, MarketSpots is centered exclusively on its customers and tries its level best to meet their trading needs. Like other brokers, it has not made any big claims. Instead of making claims, it focuses on delivering to customers what they want. The only claim it has made is to provide its customers with complete satisfaction regarding the features it offers to them.

Why MarketSpots Is Different From Others?

When you will compare MarketSpots with that of other online brokerage firms you will come to know how different and unique this broker is from others. When you will look at each and every single feature of this broker you will automatically feel that it is really sincere about taking care of its customers. When it comes to taking care of its clients and their needs, it does not show a careless attitude rather it is always in search of ways with which it can help its traders in fulfilling their needs.

Some brokers out there ask traders that they can make huge profits with small investments. They only ask for low investments in the beginning but as time goes on they ask traders to deposit more and more money. And in return, traders do not even get high profits promised to them by these fraud brokers. MarketSpots, on the other hand, does not aim at getting out money from its clients rather it believes in giving something to them either it is a trading experience or knowledge about trading.

Where other brokers discourage traders in order to stop them from doing any assessments, MarketSpots encourage them to assess before making an investment into the trade markets. It advises them to explore the trading markets before stepping into them. The broker, actually, helps its clients to get their hands on the understanding of the trends of the markets and all of the other basic knowledge they require. It is one of the motives of the broker to groom the skills of traders and to build their profile. This brokerage firm is of the view that if traders do not know how to carry on with their trading in the market they will not get effective results neither they will be able to turn their investments into profits. Therefore, it is crucial for customers to know how they can churn out high profits from their low investments.

In addition to these qualities of the broker, it offers a lot of trading features and services to traders which distinguish it from other brokerage firms. Let’s have a look at these features one by one.

Various Trading Instruments

MarketSpots is completely dedicated to offering users a seamless trading experience. And it does that by offering you to trade with more than 1,000 assets available on the trading platform of this broker. This means that you are not bound only to one asset for trading rather you can trade with as many assets as you want with MarketSpots. It offers a vast variety of trading instruments. First of all, you can trade forex with this broker. There are over sixty currency pairs offered to you by the broker for trading. Among the famous currency pairs are EUR/JPY, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and EUR/USD. It is MarketSpots that offers you to trade with such a diverse list of forex pairs otherwise such an impressive range is not accessible on many other brokerage firms. What’s more beneficial is that you are provided with access to the forex market for five days a week.

Though the main focus of the broker is on offering forex trading it has listed other famous trading products as well in order to cater to the needs of traders very well. As there are some traders who are interested in trading with some other products other than forex, for them, the broker has made available cryptocurrency trading, commodity trading, as well as stock trading on its amazing trading platform.

It does not matter with which trading product you are going to trade with you will find the MarketSpots broker standing right beside you. It has a team of financial experts, analysts, and veterans on which you can count on. All of these are talented people and have earned a great deal of experience. Therefore, they can guide you in the best way and can help you make an ideal portfolio which is a great technique for yielding high profits. Moreover, they can provide you with market news and trading insights. With their help, you can analyze the market data easily. All in all, the broker strives to assist you to achieve your goals in trading.

CFD And ETF Trading At Your Disposal

In case you do not know, MarketSpots is considered as one of the industry’s top Contract for Difference (CFD) trading providers. At the trading marketplace of this broker, you can enjoy the feature of CFD trading. You are allowed to trade CFDs on all of the assets supported on the trading platform of the broker. When you are using the feature of CFD trading, you do not need to purchase or sell directly with your funds rather you can trade them without doing this activity. What you have to do is to sign up a contract deal with the brokerage firm and that is it. As soon as the contract meets its deadline, you will get results either in profit or loss. The benefit of CFD trading is that you can trade as many assets you want at one time which increases the chance of earning high profits.

Well, MarketSpots is not the only broker that provides CFD trading to users as a lot of other brokers in the industry are also offering this amazing feature to their clients. What sets this broker apart from the others is that it offers the feature of ETF trading to users alongside CFD trading. There are only a few brokerages that pledge to offer this feature. ETF trading is known as Exchange Traded Fund trading. At the platform of the MarketSpots broker, you can enjoy trading ETFs as well as CFDs.

Trading Accounts

As the mission of the MarketSpots broker is to accomplish the needs of traders, therefore, it has developed five different trading accounts keeping in view the varying requirements of different traders. Offering a vast range of online trading accounts is one of the prominent features of this broker. When you look for brokers, you would come across actually a few ones that offer you this variety in trading accounts. The real purpose of the broker behind putting together multiple trading accounts is that it wants to provide a choice in accounts so that you can select the one that suits your needs the most and in a perfect way.

Here are these five amazing account types for you offered by the broker.


If you explore the trading accounts offering of the broker, the first account type you will get to see is the Standard Account. You can activate this account with a minimum deposit amount of $10,000. It is not a big amount and every trader would be able to afford it easily. By making this small deposit, traders of this account can enjoy various basic amazing features. They are provided with a leverage of up to 1:200. They can get up to a 25 percent margin loan. They can have the assistance of an account manager with whom they can discuss their account matters. Other features include daily news, trading academy, weekly market review, and weekly portfolio progress report. This account is most suitable for beginner traders as they are at the beginning stage of their trading career where they need only basic features.


Then there is the second trading account option called the Silver Account. This account type is accessible to you for a minimum deposit of $50,000. Once this account is activated, you will be provided with access to the remarkable extra trading features included in it. These include a monthly session with a certified accountant, a discount of up to 25 percent on commission, and a margin loan of up to 35 percent. Moreover, the top analyst group of the broker monitors your account 24/7. You are also given a chance to work with a portfolio manager who can help you to diversify your portfolio perfectly.


You can decide to choose the third account type that is the Gold Account if you want to enjoy more trading features. The holders of this account type can claim a margin loan of up to 50 percent. Though the trading leverage remains the same, traders can enjoy various other impressive features such as daily market review, daily portfolio progress report, weekly live stream trading webinar, and weekly one-on-one with the market analyst. You are provided with end of year summary with a certified tax specialist. If you are the owner of the Gold Account, then you will be allowed to work with the broker’s personal account manager. In addition to this, the discount on commission is also increased to 35 percent. You can get access to the Gold account by depositing $100,000. Highly professional traders or investors can get their hands on this account to fulfill their trading needs.

·        VIP ACCOUNT

The next account type is called the VIP Account. The holders of this account are provided with leverage of up to 1:300 on trading. They can get a margin loan of up to 75 percent and up to 50 percent discount is granted to them on commission. You receive invites to VIP events. Some of the other top-notch features embedded in this account are customized education, daily one-on-one sessions with the top analyst, in-depth research, managed portfolio, daily market signals, and the service of VIP Advisor at your disposal alongside the features of all of the above mentioned trading accounts. The VIP Account is accessible to you with a minimum deposit of $250,000.

·        PRO ACCOUNT

The last account type known as the Pro Account can get you a lot of remarkable features. But first, you need to activate this account by making a minimum deposit of $1,000,000. Such kind of high deposit amount can only be afforded by Pro traders. I would suggest if you are at the beginning of your trading career then do not go for this account as it is not suitable for you. However, it is the best suitable for Pro traders and investors. For them, the broker has enriched this account with many features that they need. They can enjoy trading leverage of up to 1:400 along with a 75 percent discount on commission. The broker promises higher payouts to the owners of this account. They are also provided with super-tight spreads. The amazing feature of this account is that you are provided with a wealth manager. Unlimited access to brokers and a personal chief portfolio manager are some of the other features you get.

KYC And AML Policies Are Implemented For The Safety Of Your Funds

As the popularity of the cryptocurrency industry has spread worldwide, the regulatory authorities from across the entire world have tightened their grip over firms dealing with cryptocurrencies. The regulatory authorities have put in place various regulations and guidelines and have made it compulsory for cryptocurrency-related firms to follow them. Some brokers out there do not follow regulatory policies enforced by the authorities. That is why it is a risk to trade onto their trading platform. But MarketSpots is a regulated platform and it is, therefore, very strict on following these rules and regulations outlined by the authorities. The broker shows strict adherence and compliance to all of the policies enforced by regulators including Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML). It even adheres to the police of Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) as well. This is another distinctive quality of the broker that sets it apart from other brokerage firms.

Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering policies are implemented by the broker in order to ensure the safety of clients, their funds, and their personal information. The implementation of these policies reduces the risks of criminal activities on the platform. The Know Your Customer policy helps the broker to complete the verification of its clients. Therefore, it asks customers to provide their personal information under the KYC policy in order to check out whether the user signing up with the broker is the same user or not. In the presence of the KYC policy, the entrance of any unauthorized person is not possible. Under this strict adherence of the broker to these policies, there is no danger to the assets and funds of users.

World-Class Customer Care Service

MarketSpots offers its customers a professional, efficient, friendly, and world-class customer care service in a bid to help them make their trading experience enjoyable and flawless. The unique thing about the customer service of this broker is that its highly experienced staff offers a multi-lingual service. In order to reach out to the broker’s customer service team, you can use various support channels such as email and phone numbers. Moreover, you can also use the option of live chat as well for this purpose. MarketSpots customer service is available 24/6 and you can contact at any time you want you will get a positive response.

What Else This Broker Promises To You?

  • It offers next-generation trading platforms integrated with highly-advanced technology.
  • You can trade on your mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  • Top-class and advanced trading tools and good trading conditions are at your disposal.
  • The broker promises ultra-fast execution of trades and high returns.
  • It offers a secure and one hundred percent safe trading environment.
  • You are provided with big leverages and competitive spreads.
  • Deposit and withdrawals’ service is awesome.

Final Thoughts

MarketSpots knows very well how important it is for you to select the best broker for trading. Therefore, it comes up with an innovative approach for trading and provides investors and traders from across the whole world an alternative that is unique and simple.