Matt Muller New Orleans Discusses How Ultimate Frisbee Pickup Groups Can Bring Communities Together

Jul 28, 2020 5:45 PM ET

Matt Muller New Orleans discusses how ultimate frisbee pickup groups can bring communities together. 

NEW ORLEANS, LA / JULY, 2020 / Many times, sports like ultimate frisbee are viewed simply as entertaining past times. However, they can have major positive effects on the individual players as well as the community as a whole. Ultimate frisbee enthusiast Matt Muller New Orleans recently discussed how ultimate frisbee pickup groups can improve personal health and bring communities together.

Matt Muller New Orleans created a local ultimate frisbee pickup group in his community. He emphasizes that this group is inclusive and open to all players of all abilities. Nobody is ever turned away from playing in this group. Matt Muller New Orleans explained that creating such a group has had a major positive impact on everyone involved.

“Sports are not solely about playing and winning,” Matt Muller New Orleans says. “They bring people together for a positive experience. They promote superior mental and physical health. We’ve seen all of these positive effects right here in our local ultimate frisbee group.”

Matt Muller New Orleans explains that community sports, like his ultimate frisbee group, promote inclusion. He states that this allows people from all walks of life to join together in a common interest. This alone broadens peoples horizons and fosters friendships that would be unlikely otherwise. Matt Muller New Orleans adds that the positive social interactions that take place in this ultimate frisbee group improve the mental health of those who don’t experience much social interaction otherwise.

“Some of the people who come play ultimate frisbee do it as a social event,” Matt Muller New Orleans says. “It’s visible how happy they are forming relationships and socialize in a healthy positive environment.”

Matt Muller New Orleans explains that community sports groups like his encourage healthy social interactions. People are outside, exercising, having fun and meeting like-minded people without having to enter a bar or attend a party. Muller states that many times the environment of playing a sport is more comfortable for people to socialize than other, more awkward settings.

“Our ultimate frisbee group may not seem like much, but all of this play is leading toward a healthier community,” Matt Muller New Orleans says. “We’re getting people outside, they’re performing full-body workouts, they’re boosting their endurance, and they’re burning calories.”

Matt Muller New Orleans states that ultimate frisbee offers a number of physical benefits, including improvements in cardiovascular health, endurance, agility, strength, and more. He states that the community as a whole benefits from having a healthier, more active population. Matt Muller New Orleans encourages people from across the city and visitors from everywhere to come join this ultimate frisbee group and enjoy the many benefits of community sports.


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