Matthew Muller Delivers Inspiring Sermon to Congregation on the Importance of Responsibility

Jul 15, 2020 8:10 PM ET

Matthew Muller, New Orleans resident, and historian, recently was asked by a local congregation to speak on the importance of responsibility. His love for the city is evident in every action he takes, and this is the reason he dons multiple hats: teacher, lecturer, museum manager, and tour guide. His eclectic background made him the ideal candidate to talk to the Sunday morning congregation about responsibility toward the community.

Matthew Muller: New Orleans Citizens Must Remember the Importance of Personal Responsibility

Matthew Muller believes in only preaching in the things you practice. If he’s giving a sermon on responsibility, he’s showing through his actions what it means to live life responsibly. Volunteering within one’s community is a vital aspect of making a substantial difference. Matt Muller shares his passion for New Orlean’s rich history by volunteering as a docent at various local museums. Matthew recently became a licensed New Orleans tour guide. His vast knowledge of New Orleans led him to launch his own touring company called the History Dude.

Matthew Muller is a true renaissance man. Along with his love of history, Matt has a passion for carpentry work. He’s built countless items by hand, including bookshelves and outdoor planters. His skill as a carpenter presented Matt’s perfect opportunity to donate his time to help work for non-profit organizations that provide affordable housing in New Orleans.

Although New Orleans will always be home to Matthew Muller, the historian loves to travel. A highlight was a recent trip to Thailand, allowing him to connect with old friends and immerse himself in Thai culture. During his stay, he put in service hours at a local animal rescue center.

During his Sunday sermon, Matthew stressed how everyone could make an impact in New Orleans. Matt has consistently taken part in beautification efforts for his beloved city and often volunteers for community cleanup projects.

Matt Muller New Orleans Lifelong Resident

Matthew Muller was born and raised in New Orleans. The 34-year-old has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in history from Louisiana State University. After graduating LSU, the historian returned to New Orleans to pursue his callings as a teacher, tour guide, and museum docent. An avid reader, Matt has read innumerable books on American history and New Orleans history. Along with spending his free time traveling to exotic locales with his beloved wife, Matthew also enjoys distance running and other outdoor workouts. To connect with more community members, Matthew Muller launched an inclusive Ultimate Frisbee Pickup group.


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