Oct 29, 2020 6:17 AM ET

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There are few additions to your property that can be as stunning and majestic as a mature Italian Cypress tree. At full maturity, the Italian Cypress is a tall, narrow, column-like tree that stands out instantly in any landscape. The Italian Cypress manages to remain iconic with its graceful height even without taking up too much space, thanks to the slender nature of this beauty of nature. A fully mature Italian Cypress will also beautify your scenery with the rich, exotic, deep-green hue of its leaves, that gives your property a special ambiance you simply cannot put a price on.

The Giant Italian Cypress

Italian Cypress trees can grow to an imposing height when fully mature. A mature Italian Cypress typically stands at a towering and impressive height of 40 to 60 feet and is usually 3 to 6 feet wide, depending on the growing conditions. Some Italian Cypress trees have even been recorded to grow as high as 110 feet and as wide as 10 feet! A mature Italian Cypress will definitely be an iconic addition to any property or residence with its impressive size, giving a striking and enchanting appearance. In addition to being the Italian Cypress’s majestic appearance, its narrow shape makes it a perfect fit for even properties with limited space. For more ideas click here.

As long as you don’t plant the Italian Cypress indoors, a mature Italian Cypress is easy and convenient to manage. Italian Cypress trees can be arranged in groups into various beautiful patterns, grown in twos to form a dynamic duo at gates or entrances. The Italian Cypress can also be planted alone to give the impression of having a single dark-green or blue-green exclamation mark of a tree in your garden. Despite the tree’s tendency to grow to tower heights, a fully mature Italian Cypress can still be managed at a particular height, as it is relatively convenient to prune. This pruning means you can have your mature Italian Cypress with its deep rich color and iconic look trained to grow to the height you prefer for the landscape visual you’d like to achieve.

Growing up as an Italian Cypress

A mature Italian Cypress is often referred to as a moderate-attention tree, meaning it requires little attention once fully established. The Italian Cypress takes about 50 years to reach full maturity. To ensure that your Italian Cypress grows well to full maturity, you should ensure that it is planted under the right conditions. Italian Cypress trees benefit from a lot of sunlight, and the Italian Cypress seeds require between 65 and 70 degrees of indirect sunlight to germinate properly. Italian Cypresses do well in various soils, require little pruning and little watering once fully established. In addition to their majestic beauty and aesthetic uses, the Italian Cypress also has many valuable benefits, so you know that you have a hero in your garden.

Italian Cypress Facts:

  • It takes 50 years for the Italian Cypress to reach full maturity.
  • Italian Cypress seeds need between 65 to 70 degrees of indirect sunlight.
  • The Italian Cypress can grow in almost any type of soil.

In conclusion, a mature Italian Cypress is a gift that keeps on giving. The Italian Cypress is a natural manifestation of Mediterranean class that beautifies any landscape, and for the most part, the only attention it needs from you is your admiration.