Members of Iglesia Ni Cristo Discuss How Church Involvement Can Improve Your Life

Jun 19, 2021 9:40 AM ET

Members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo recently discussed how church involvement can drastically improve your life.

Many church-goers will tell you that the church has transformed their lives for the better. However, members of Iglesia Ni Cristo recently explained that research is showing these claims are true. Studies have shown that individuals who regularly attend church report less depression and superior emotional support networks. These are just a couple of the many advantages that members associate with attending church.

“It can be difficult to pull yourself out of bed on a Sunday morning, especially when you only have two days per week to ignore the sound of your alarm,” one congregation member said. “But attending worship services can bring countless benefits to your life, and these benefits are worth getting out of bed.”

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Members explained that being part of the church gives you an opportunity to reflect on your gratitude. It can be difficult to forget what we are grateful for when we are constantly rushing to and from work and other life obligations. Church sermons, like those offered at Iglesia Ni Cristo, can express the importance of being grateful for what we have, even amidst difficult times. Blessings that are hard to see can be brought into the light at church.

“A major advantage of attending Iglesia Ni Cristo is that you immediately gain a large social network,” another church member added. “This network can result in invaluable lifelong relationships. Churches also offer many social events and clubs that can help you feel included, even if you’re new in town.”

It was also stated that the church provides countless opportunities to volunteer and give back to the community. Research has long shown that volunteering offers numerous mental and physical benefits to those who donate their time and energy to such causes. Volunteering has been linked to improved mood, improved self-worth, superior social networking, increased physical stamina, and so much more.

Finally, congregation members of Iglesia Ni Cristo explained that the church teaches forgiveness. 

Forgiveness is a difficult lesson to learn, but once you can let these difficulties pass, you can feel a great weight lifted from your shoulders. The church can provide you with the gift of forgiveness, so you can live a more fulfilling life.

“There’s something wonderful about attending church,” a congregation member finished. “You may enter with a heavy heart, anger, or stress, but you will leave feeling lighter. The church reminds us that we all have a deeper meaning in life, and those small setbacks are not stopping us on our pursuit of this meaning.”

Iglesia Ni Cristo members continuously encourage everyone to search for a Church of Christ location nearby. It could be life-changing.

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