Metra Grain Cleaner: The Best Multi-function Winnowing Machine

May 5, 2021 7:16 PM ET

Are you looking for a reliable, high-performing, and multi-function winnowing device that can help you to accomplish grain cleaning, color sorting, and grading service simultaneously? If yes, then your search now ends here! Metra Grain Cleaner: this winnowing machine is so potential and powerful that it can help you achieve multiple effective services in one go. Rest assured that this grain cleaning equipment performs equal or even better than several other machines.

In fact, this machine has so many effective and efficient offerings that are not typically found on any other single machine. So, are you keen to find out what are the key benefits of this device? If yes, then please take a quick look at the sections below for all the details.

Perfect Grain Cleaning and Grading

This grain cleaning equipment can clean and grade all types of source materials. The machine is tried, tested, and verified for processing a range of crops that include corn, durum, wheat, lentils, soybeans, hemp, lucerne, oats, poppy, barley, chia, peas, beans, maize, and much more too.

If your preferred source material is not listed above, then also please do not worry! Rest assured that Metra grain cleaner is so efficient that it can work so well with every type of source material.

Consistent Cleaning Action

Metra grain cleaner promotes a consistent cleaning action. It features a stable airflow which will maintain a consistent cleaning action throughout the entire process. Using this consistent cleaning action, Metra grain clean can easily separate both heavy-weight and lightweight impurities. The result includes high quality seeds just in one single pass that can improve the overall yields by up to 30%.

Easy to Operate

This machine is really easy to operate and intuitive. You can easily learn the operation of this machine within a few minutes. That’s it! Once you learn the operation, it can easily be used by anyone without the need for any special assistance or special training.

Other Benefits

Other benefits of the machine include low power consumption. Plus, it does not require any special maintenance effort.

So, what are you waiting for? If you need a special grain cleaner cum color sorter, then the Metra grain cleaning and color sorting device will surely be quite apt for you! For more details on this color sorter farm equipment or purchase assistance, you can contact this number – Tel 1 800 272 2045.

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