Miami, Florida, What Can I Do to Defend Myself If I Am Being Deported?

Mar 17, 2020 1:05 AM ET

Deportation has become much more common after the Trump administration came into power and in recent years deportation rates have increased by 30% in some states. Miami, in particular, saw a 70% increase in deportation since 2017. Anyone who is facing deportation should quickly get in touch with an immigration attorney at their earliest convenience.

Once a person gets notice of deportation, they only have a little time to take legal action. After a person has been physically deported, it can be difficult to get back into the state they previously resided in which is why they should act as soon as possible.

The good news is that a deportation order is not necessarily a final decision and a person has every right to fight this order. The better their defenses are and the more evidence they obtain to prove their defenses, the more chances their deportation order will be canceled, and they can continue enjoying life in their current place of residence. Just the idea of being deported ca be incredibly frightening but there is no reason for a person to try and fight this alone. Contacting a legal professional who is experienced in dealing with deportation cases is the best way for a person to fight the order.

What defenses can be used to protect me from deportation?

To have one’s order canceled or removed a person can have their attorney try and defend them in a variety of different ways. If a person has lived in the United States for a reasonably long period, then that could work in their favor. Also, if a person came to the United States to seek asylum from persecution in the country they resided in previously, they may be allowed to stay as well.

When claiming these defenses, a person must have enough evidence to convince the court they should stay. If a person is claiming asylum for persecution, they must be able to prove that the fears they held were valid and were not fabricated.

Immigration rules have become significantly stricter in Florida and across the United States. There is a legal program termed ‘secure communities’ that enforces all individuals convicted of a crime to have their fingerprints scanned to determine their immigration status.

 If their immigration status cannot be determined, then they can be passed on to immigration authorities to be questioned and possibly penalized with deportation. A person can be given a deportation order for many different reasons and one of them is if it is somehow discerned, they are an illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrants are not allowed to engage in a wide variety of activities including holding most job positions and even getting a driver’s license.  Even if a person is not facing deportation charges, they should get in touch with an immigration lawyer to help them with their paperwork and to explore their options to see whether they can correctly get legal status.


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