Michelle Money Unveils That Her Teen Daughter Is On Life Support After A Brutal Skateboarding Accident.

Mar 31, 2020 7:45 PM ET

It is a sad incident indeed as The Bachelor star Michelle Money sobbed as her daughter Brielle underwent some serious surgery on Monday. This surgery took place after she was suffering from head injuries in a devastating skateboard accident. Take a look at all the details of the heartbreaking incident.

Michelle Money’s Daughter Is In A Critical Condition After Meeting With A Dangerous Skateboard Accident!

Michelle who is worried sick about her daughter’s present condition went on to say that the hour-long procedure will remove fluid from the ‘stable’ 15-year-old’s brain, with the aim of lowering the pressure inside her skull.

Michelle uploaded the video on Instagram crying and sobbing and saying that it is just every mother’s worst nightmare. She further said that no one should ever go through this.  Take a look at the heartbreaking video were Michelle is helpless and is going through a difficult time.

Michelle Has Posted A Heartbreaking Video About Her Present Condition!

She waited alone for her daughter due to the coronavirus-related control measures at the hospital are allowing only one visitor per patient each day. Michelle says that it is really hard to be alone, during something like this. She further explained that although she had the option to swap out with ex-husband Ryan, every 24 hours. However, Michelle wasn’t sure how she could bring herself to leave her daughter’s side. She is there to take care of her and to be by her side during this difficult time that her daughter is going through at this point.

The incident is indeed heartbreaking and we hope her daughter recovers as soon as possible. No mother should go through this mental trauma during this time of a global crisis. Fans are already commenting about Michelle’s daughter and how everyone is hoping for her recovery real soon.

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