Modern ways of Structuring a strong Network

Apr 23, 2021 6:53 AM ET

The modern world requires any individual to build a strong digital platform to strengthen their career. The important part of life is the decision you make on the people you choose to be with most of the time, and they may range from strangers you meet at restaurants while having lunch to your colleague in your office. You can also find such people in your student life, for example, you sat together in the library and tried to write an essay but still decided to order from the English essay writing service or you met at a noisy party, but all these meetings will lead you to the result. that you will become good friends in the future.

Your success in life will be based on how you will associate with every person you interact with. To help you choose to make the right networking skills, we have compiled some ideas in this article to help you make the right choices in your interactions with people in this modern world of expanding technology.

Join webinars that are either part of your industry or not part

Attending webinars organized by industry professionals has proven to be a way that will improve the digital network of your industry. You may be troubled by some topics that may relate to your industry or those outside your industry you are curious to know. You will have to ask questions in the question and answer sections which may also act as a review when the webinar comes to an end. webinar platforms are great way to teach your audience, sell products and services, and provide additional value to your audience.

At the end of each webinar, make an effort to interact with them on your social media platform and LinkedIn as you send a thank you note for their insight and time. The note you send should be specific, friendly, and concise. You would be able to connect with the believed super leaders who run industries such as yours as you get to know their plans and progress through what they post on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, sharing their experience in the job market and also help to improve on your career.

Explore the companies of your dream and realize the common areas

As you research companies, be keen to notice whether some of the people you have as your connections work there. Before applying, inquire about the available position, the experience they might have, and whether they are interested in connecting with you on zoom or phone. The most important thing to do is reach out to your contacts, and converse with them. In case you get an internal referral, you will be in the best position to achieve your dreams.

Be active in LinkedIn

You need to have a LinkedIn account that is presentable. The platform has more monthly users than WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Twitter. For your profile to continue being active, you will comment on some posts, share and tag posts from companies and individuals of concern. Turn on the notification button to get crucial updates on new opportunities. Lastly, update your post when you progress in your career, like getting a promotion or changing location. For your profile, you can use portfolio topics that will attract more attention from employers or you can write a small essay about your history of work, you can learn more about it.

Make your other social media accounts presentable

Many modern employers check for your accounts before considering one in any available position in a job. You should scrub your social media accounts or make them private so that your LinkedIn does not collide with your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account.


Maintain connections with your former coworkers and managers. Never burn bridges as any person you once worked with could play an important role in you having a successful future. Individuals must ensure that they have a great social media connection which is as important as the in-person.

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