Modified Golfing Tips for People With Limited Mobility – Taylor Moore Arkansas Golfer Weighs In

Sep 22, 2021 1:00 PM ET

Taylor Moore Arkansas golfer with the Razorbacks recently recovered from a collapsed lung. While he was in recovery and rebuilding his strength, he learned about different workarounds to improve his shot even with reduced mobility.

If you struggle with decreased mobility, whether from an injury, illness, or age, you can still play golf–and play well, says Moore. Check out these tips for improvement.

Stiff Hips? Try This Technique Advises Taylor Moore Arkansas Golfer

Whether you’ve injured your TI band or you just don’t have the hip flexibility that you used to, this little adjustment can make all the difference, says Taylor Moore Arkansas golfer. Flare your trail foot away from your target. When you turn your foot, it pushes your trail hip more outward which helps you get more hip turn on your backswing.




If this is too painful, try flexing your trail leg and knee while you backswing. A straight knee stiffens your whole lower body and lessens the power of your stroke.

Grip Your Club Harder

If you have arthritis or other hand pain, this may not work for you, says Taylor Moore Arkansas golfer. But if you’re able, try tightening your grip on the club to decrease the amount of work your elbows and shoulders have to do. This should add some power to your swing without having to exert too much extra energy.

Spend Extra Time Stretching

This is especially important if you’ve been taking a break from golf while you recover from an injury or illness, says Taylor Moore Arkansas golfer. Unfortunately, your muscles atrophy and stiffen so much more quickly than they are gained. So even just a few weeks away can drastically affect your swing.

You can’t just do a few basic warm-ups and expect to be able to get back on the green in peak condition, says Moore. Invest time and effort in building your muscles and flexibility. At least 20 minutes a day of intentional stretching and warm-up exercises can help you rebuild and even improve your overall game.

Choose Modified Equipment

There are several types of modified golf equipment made to help those with mobility issues, says Taylor Moore Arkansas golfer. A senior flex club is specially designed for those who swing between 75 and 90 miles per hour. The extra flexibility launches the ball further into the air, compensating for any loss in power and requiring less effort on your part. Hybrid clubs can also help even the playing field and make it easier to direct your shots.

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