Moroccan Tiles: Diving Deep Into It

May 7, 2021 7:50 AM ET

Moroccan tiles are inspired and heavily influenced by Moorish architecture. Moorish architecture, mostly geometric patterns, was used with different colors, which has its roots in the Islamic culture. There are many kinds of designs that fall under Moroccan architecture. You will come to know about how to decide the right Moroccan tile for you further below.

Designs of Moroccan Tiles

With the variety of Moroccan tiles available, ranging from geometric patterned tiles to vintage tiles, it becomes confusing to find the right Moroccan tile for you. A few of the designs that you can lookout for a while selecting Moroccan tiles are

Geometric – You can check out this design if you want simple and elegant designs for your tiles. Having different geometric patterns in your tiles adds a classic look to your tiles.
Patchwork – To have an overall great look on your walls, patchwork is one of the preferred designs of Moroccan tiles.
Contemporary – To have a mix of traditional and modern style to your tiles design, contemporary is the best choice to buy for your Moroccan tiles.
Vintage – If you wish to give your tiles a touch of an ancient look, the vintage look can be your choice for the tiles.

Materials Used In The Production Of Moroccan Tiles

In the making of ceramic and zellige tiles, each tile can look different from one another as they both are handmade. Due to cement and soft clay in the production of these tiles, they can be easily damaged and stained.

Moroccan tiles have an advantage over the tiles mentioned above since they are made using porcelain or ceramic. Thus, there won’t be much effort needed to install them and take care of these tiles. Besides, a Moroccan tile made using porcelain is extremely durable.

Areas Where You Can Use Moroccan Tiles

A few of the areas where you can use Moroccan tiles are

Stairs – By adding Moroccan tiles to your risers, you can give your staircase a fresh look. You can opt for a contemporary look or something in monochrome style for choosing Moroccan tiles for your staircase.
Kitchens – By using patchwork Moroccan tiles against white cabinets installed in your kitchen, you can get a royal look for your kitchen.
Bathroom flooring – Instead of having a boring look of your bathroom using plain tiles, it is preferred to change them with Moroccan tiles. This will surely add a classic look to your bathroom.

Thus, after going through the types of designs mentioned above, you can choose any of the designs to revamp your house’s look by buying Moroccan tiles.

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