Most Useful Goal Why the Volkswagen Beetle is So Ideal

Oct 20, 2020 7:50 AM ET

Oct 20, 2020 3:50 AM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Oct 20, 2020

It seems that everyone loves a Volkswagen Beetle. Perfect for the beach or the city, the iconic Beetle is more than just beautifully designed, it’s also a vehicle that changes our perspective of modern transportation. Lightweight and fun, it’s a reliable and durable car that will always attract attention when you take to the roads in one. However, the Volkswagen Beetle is also one of the most iconic cars in the world. What makes it such an important part of the pop culture landscape, and what is it that led it to be one of the longest ever production runs in car manufacturing history?

A Rich History

It has a global legacy and an iconic look, but the VW Beetle had some dark beginnings. It was Hitler himself who demanded a family-friendly yet affordable car that would be just as suitable on country drives as on the autobahn. Despite its origins, that focus on dependability and affordability extended throughout its production run, and that’s why owning a Beetle is a sign of a smart driver.

The Design

Let’s face it, most of us couldn’t identify a car by sight if our lives depended on it. In the days of bland cars that all look the same, the VW Beetle remains immediately identifiable. Its quirky appearance makes it a truly unique car, and there’s nothing quite like it in automotive history. It’s a small but practical car that comes in a wide range of variations, and they all have those distinctive curves and the flair that we all know and love.

The Global Legacy

With factories in Brazil, Mexico, and Canada, it’s no surprise that the popularity of the Beetle extended across the planet. During the 1960s, the VW Beetle was the biggest selling foreign car in America! With over 21 million Beetles sold in the world, it’s no wonder that so many different demographics love the look and driving experience. Now that you can buy a used Volkswagen Beetle convertible in Kirkwood Mo at low prices, they are more accessible than ever!

The Embrace of Counterculture

In the 60s, the counterculture movement was in full swing, and the VW Beetle was right in the middle of it. Although popular among families, when most people think about the Beetle they think of surfers and hippies and flowers painted on the doors. The Beetle has been a significant presence in pop culture, especially when the 1968 film The Love Bug hit cinema screens around the world. Suddenly, everyone wanted a Beetle, and still do.

Stylish, Smart Advertising

As well as embracing its surfer demographic, Volkswagen is also responsible for some of the best adverts in car history. Those adverts were shown around the world and helped to cement the Beetle as the car of choice, for everyone. Whatever your driving habits or the size of your family, the advertising for the VW Beetle covered all of the bases, instantly making it stand out and helping the unique Beetle to establish its iconic status.

From the latest models to the earliest love bugs, the Volkswagen Beetle remains one of the most distinctive and iconic vehicles in the world. Wherever you drive in a Beetle, you’re going to attract attention, and whether it’s to the beach or the shops, you know you’re getting a smooth ride too.