MP Judiciary mock test papers

Nov 6, 2020 6:13 PM ET

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Mock test papers are very important because they give us a blueprint of what would be asked in the actual exam, which is why it becomes more important to write at least ten mock tests before going to the exam. Every exam has a mock trial, and so has the judiciary exams.

The judiciary exam’s syllabus is quite the same for all the states, but the mock test papers are designed to give that and be assured about what could be asked in the exam.

If you consider yourself a serious aspirant, you must be going for the mock test papers no matter what exam you will write.

Here are the best online portals where you can buy the best MP judiciary mock test papers and other judiciary mock test papers for better preparation-

Top rankers

The Toprankers is one of the most renowned online portals for the MP judiciary and other judiciary mock test series. If you are looking for a high-quality exam level mock test, you must be going for the Toprankers as they have the best and latest designed mock test papers based on the new pattern.

They also provide one free mock test paper that you can take as a trail and buy the paid one. They offer the complete package that one can avail of to boost his preparation regarding the judiciary exam. Give their mocks and then analyze where you are making a mistake or which area is weak. They also provide the other Judiciary mock test papers.


Edugorilla is also among the best online judiciary mock test paper portals. You may also choose to go for the Edugorillas as they also provide the well and the latest pattern designed mock test papers. Just like Topranker, they also offer a free mock test paper as a trail that you can give to analyse its quality and level.

Their mock test papers will also provide you other benefits that will help you prepare the best way for your exam. You will also get the mock test papers for other exams there.


It is also an excellent portal to buy the mock test from, and they also commit to focusing on the quality to help the aspirant achieve their goals. You will get different packages that you can avail of according to your convenience. You can visit the official site of the Lawmint to get to know more about the judiciary and MP judiciary mock test papers.


For the mock test papers, this could also be the right choice as they also provide the exam level new pattern mock test papers that can help you a lot for your examination.

They also provide the free mock test paper in Hindi as well as English, and you can go for either according to your preference. They are cheap compared to other portals, but you may find it a little bit less useful than the other three portals.


These are the four best MP judiciary mock test paper portals to buy the mock test papers. The best thing that you can be doing is visit each of them, give the free mock test paper that they provide and then find out which one is suitable for you and then go for that one. This is how you find the best one for you.