NASA Revealed The List Of SpaceX’s Firsts Operational Crew Dragon Flight

Apr 1, 2020 7:20 PM ET

NASA proudly announces that the passenger list for the SpaceX’s operational crew has been finalized and completed. NASA astronaut Shannon Walker and Japanese Spaceflyer Soichi Noguchi will be flying to the international space station aboard in the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft during the voyage. Further, the duo is expected to join NASA bringing the whole team with the size of four.

There is no information regarding the launch of the quartet’s mission and it will follow SpaceX’s first crew members’ mission, a test flight known as Demo-2 that is expected to carry NASA astronauts to and from ISS. The Demo-2 is expected to launch during the mid of May.

The Dragon crew has already visited the orbiting lab before in March 2019 during the mission called Demo-1. SpaceX holds about $2.6 billion as NASA signed the contract to fly six operational ISS missions into space with Dragon and the company’s Falcon 9 rocket.

Additionally, the space agency has also signed the contract with the Boeing which holds a similar deal worth $4.2 billion which will be fulfilled by the aerospace giant using a capsule known as CST-100 Starliner.

But, the capsule Starliner isn’t ready yet to carry the astronauts into the orbit as the capsule suffered several issues in software during the version of Demo-1 called OFT which was conducted last December. This ended the capsule to get the stranded in too low an orbit and thus came down to Earth without rendezvousing the orbiting lab.

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