Nashville area crash resulted in the death of a driver on the highway. How much can his family expect to get from a lawsuit?

Feb 25, 2020 2:05 AM ET

A fatal crash caused part of Interstate 24 to be shut down through downtown Nashville for several hours at around 1 am.

Nashville driver dies on Interstate 24 in the middle of the night

Police believe that the accident happened when a man who was going westbound on the highway in a Toyota Corolla lost control and struck a median near an exit for Shelby Ave. The 35 year old male who was driving the Corolla was not wearing a seatbelt and his body was ejected from the vehicle onto the road. Another driver in a BMW said he was unable to avoid making contact with the victim’s body. 

The victim was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, but pronounced dead shortly afterward.

Although police do not believe either driver was drunk at the time of the accident, they are taking blood samples and requesting a toxicology report as part of their investigation to be sure. The westbound lanes of I-24 did not reopen for approximately 5 hours after the crash.


Car crashes that result in death

While a deceased driver cannot bring a lawsuit against the person at fault, all states have passed a wrongful death statute that allows spouses, children, and other relatives to bring the case on their behalf. A wrongful death claim can help the family pay for medical costs, future lost income, funeral and burial expenses, in addition to emotional pain and trauma caused by the loss.

People who plan on bringing one of these cases should get assistance from a local lawyer as soon as possible, as wrongful death lawsuits tend to have a very short statute of limitations.


The calculation of damages

After a serious or fatal accident, the person bringing the case will obviously be concerned about the possible value of a lawsuit. While only a lawyer can give you specific advice about your accident, there are some general rules regarding the calculation of damages that apply to all civil injury cases.

The purpose of most civil lawsuits is to put the victim in the financial situation they would have been in if the accident had never occurred. This means that property damage, medical bills and treatment, lost wages, and other amounts that can be proven through actual expenses are a part of damages. There are also non-economic damages which are less tangible and calculated mostly through the lawyer’s arguments. Non-economic damages are related to suffering that the victim and their family have to endure as a result of the accident.


Help is available after a car crash in Tennessee

To get help from an experienced accident attorney in the Nashville metro area, contact The Law Offices of George R. Fusner. He has been assisting local clients in the city since 1977.

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