New Brain Fitness Technology for Older People

Jul 30, 2020 11:45 AM ET

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep through the world, it has brought one issue into sharp focus. The isolation measures required are causing loneliness for some vulnerable people. Perhaps, the worst hit is aging seniors, who have to deal with the resulting anxiety and depression.

Now there is a new exciting technology that could offer a perfect fix for this. The makers behind the Birdsong Tablet are offering a free web version of the software for elderly people everywhere. It helps seniors connect with loved ones during the pandemic and help them cope better.

This technology builds on a tablet for seniors created earlier to help with brain fitness. Almost everything available from this tablet is now available from the web version. Seniors will be able to enjoy features like video chat, and email with loved ones at any time. They can also view news, shows, listen to music, share pictures, and take part in brain exercises. It’s an excellent way to prevent boredom and stimulate the mind. The platform will help them even pursue their hobbies or passions with a very easy interface.

Tablet-based on the award-winning research

Users may be happy to know that this tablet technology has some impressive research behind it. A 2015 study showed that touch screen tablets can improve the emotional and brain health of older people. Westminster Canterbury, a senior living community based on the Chesapeake bay, commissioned the research. Other partners to the research were Virginia Wesleyan University and Eastern Virginia Medical School. Funded by foundation board members George and Sue Birdsong, it looked at how simple touch screen devices can positively affect older people.

LeadingAge recognized this research by bestowing the 2016 Excellence in Research and Education Award. LeadingAge is an association based in Washington DC, that brings together 6000 nonprofits in the aging service area.

Tablet rolled out by the company

These findings led to the development of the Birdsong tablet, which comes with friendly features for seniors. It takes its name after the Birdsong couple who were the research sponsors.

The device comes with a generous amount of curated content with videos, games, music, and mental health apps. Seniors will get plenty of fun material including recipes and more. It gives 24/7 instant access for users with more readable screens. The tablet retails at an affordable price of $19 for each month. The creators of the tablet believe that older people deserve better  especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic. So they are giving the web service version away for free. But users need to take advantage of it now because it is available for a limited time only. It would last only for as long as the pandemic.

The company makes it easy for anyone with older loved ones to get this service. You can open a free account from the Birdsong Tablet website and register them to benefit.


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