Mar 14, 2021 3:37 PM ET

IP law practitioners have a new advocate for expanding their brand and outreach.

Emerald Isle, North Carolina (March 10, 2021) – IP Law Marketing is proud to announce the launch of new online services on a national level. This agency provides website creation, search engine optimization, reputation management, social media, and paid advertising support to those practicing in the Intellectual Property law space.


“We understand how hard IP law firms work to protect the four types of intellectual property that people and businesses generate each day,” said Jon Blomquist, founder of IP Law Marketing. “Our goal is to help IP lawyers get their brand out there and be recognized by the creators and inventors who specialize in this unique mental labor.”


IP Law Marketing stands behind a simple principle. When your firm generates more leads, you’ll have additional opportunities to generate profits. If you can continue along that path with your work, growth becomes possible.


“Our passion is to provide internet marketing solutions for IP lawyers,” said Blomquist. “We believe that through leadership, hard work, and perseverance, our team can help you reach the success levels you want to achieve for your firm.”


IP Law Marketing provides attorneys with a three-step developmental process that encompasses brand recognition and growth essentials. It starts by creating a new website build, with optimization in mind from the start. Although firms with existing resources can have their current domain modified to create SEO structures.


The second step involves pay-per-click (PPC) and every other aspect of an IP firm’s online marketing needs. This process includes business listing, location mapping, paid advertising, and other factors required to help brands rise to the top.

The third step in the growth is to strengthen a firm’s online image and reputation. Internet users crave trust and authenticity today, which means an IP firm must generate these qualities from the very beginning. IP Law Marketing stays active on social media while representing each firm, keeping track of online reviews to ensure negative information does not start spreading.


“We don’t want your website to get lost in the shuffle of millions of others with similar content, structure, or messaging,” Blomquist said. “We can optimize every inch of a website to ensure potential clients can find it, trust the source, and have their needs met.”


IP Law Marketing also provides technical audits for firms already engaged in search engine optimization and online marketing. “We offer the full suite of services for IP law firms to drive real results,” said Blomquist.


All services are immediately available.


About IP Law Marketing


IP Law Marketing was founded to provide the unique assistance that attorneys require in this space to grow their brand. Their expertise fuses with each partnership to help firms of all sizes reach their goals in their business plans. From search engine optimization to web design and social media, this team is a one-stop resource for those practicing in this space.


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