New Jersey propane tanker truck burns after an accident on the turnpike. Can the business responsible for these dangerous materials be sued?

Mar 4, 2020 3:05 PM ET

Commercial vehicles can cause serious problems for other drivers if they spill hazardous materials on the roads.


The New Jersey Turnpike had to be closed near the township of Woodbridge after a tanker truck flipped over and caused an accident.


Tanker truck turns over and spills propane all over the New Jersey Turnpike

The collision happened at about 8 pm on the northbound lanes of the highway. The large tanker was carrying propane when it fell over and caused all kinds of issues in the area. The cleanup lasted about 12 hours, and the situation created serious delays while affecting the morning commute for local residents. The official New Jersey Turnpike Twitter account advised drivers to avoid the area, but the incident still caused local traffic to backup for several miles. 

Local authorities believe that a collision between the tanker truck and one other car caused the propane on board to burst into flames. Emergency crews on the scene had issues removing the tanker from the road, as large flares were visible from about a mile away from the accident. A local fire department captain said all of the excess vapors had to be burned off before people could resume normal travel through the area. Once the integrity of the tanker was compromised, the fire department needed to go through standard emergency procedures to clear the scene. The truck was finally able to be towed away and the hazardous chemicals and vapors were cleared by the next morning.

The driver of the tanker did sustain minor injuries. The condition of the driver in the other car was unknown at the time of the news report, but that car sustained severe damage and was totaled.


Legal remedies after a collision involving a truck

Lawsuits after a truck accident may possibly be available to both commercial drivers who were working while their vehicle crashed, or others nearby who were harmed. A case may be brought against the business for an improperly secured load, or the driver responsible may have negligently operated a commercial vehicle. In all of these situations, an attorney who focuses on automobile crashes and personal injury lawsuits can bring an action against the entity responsible in the local courts.


Transportation of dangerous chemicals or materials

If hazardous or flammable materials are a factor in the truck accident, this may be beneficial to the plaintiff. Courts will generally hold companies who transport these materials to a much higher standard of care than other drivers and they will have to pay for losses that they cause.


Get more information from a local lawyer

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