New, Newer and Newest Headlines SanMar’s Fall Catalog

Jul 29, 2020 9:05 PM ET

This week, Jeremy Lott, Seattle and industry leader SanMar announce new brands, newer looks and 99 of the newest items the promotional apparel industry has to offer in their just-released New Newer Newest catalog. SanMar sets its focus on the upcoming fall season with standouts that are colorful, creative, sustainable and inclusive.

Jeremy Lott on SanMar’s Newest Releases

This fall, Jeremy Lott’s team at SanMar is taking fleece to a whole new level. Last season’s very popular and Earth-friendly District Re-Tee will be joined by the sustainable District Re-Fleece. With its 100% recycled fabric, it breathes new life into reclaimed materials. Re-Fleece is affordable, comfortable and never re-dyed. This new collection includes four new styles. It’s fleece that feels good to wear, that you can feel good about.

Jeremy Lott and SanMar are also introducing an exciting fleece collection to the popular District V.I.T. family. Developed with decorators in mind, the street-ready V.I.T. Fleece comes in 26 on-trend colors at an unbeatable price. It delivers the cleanest, softest decorating surface in an 8-ounce fleece to dress the whole family. This addition includes seven new styles.

Jeremy Lott and SanMar on Workwear

With government stimulus and construction projects ramping up, the demand for quality workwear remains a priority. Jeremy Lott and SanMar add to the Carhartt lineup to answers the call for more women’s workwear. Enter Carhartt’s debut of the iconic, washed duck jackets in two women’s style and one unisex style, among the other exciting new items fromCarhartt.

Off the jobsite, SanMar is offering new sleek, office-friendly options from OGIO as well as updated athleisure styles from Sport-Tek and New Era that are key to a modern look that’s stylish, versatile and professional.

Jeremy Lott SanMar Background

Jeremy Lott has been an integral part of SanMar since the very beginning. As a two-year-old, Jeremy appeared on the cover of the family owned and operated company’s very first catalog. Now, president of SanMar, Jeremy continues to work with family members to expand the SanMar marketplace. His efforts has made the company prioritize the increase of the availability of safety products like protective masks.

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