New Release from Julianne Tanella “Island in the Sun” Cover

Jun 16, 2021 9:42 PM ET

Julianne Tanella is a young musician who has recently changed her artist name from  “SNNYRAIN” to simply “Julianne”. She has been a songwriter for years but hadn’t found the right way in which to share her music until recently. Though Julianne Tanella does write original music, she has decided to come out with a cover of a popular song.

Julianne Tanella Takes on “Island in the Sun”


Julianne Tanella choose “Island in the Sun” to be her next single. This is a cover of a song by the popular American band Weezer. She decided to change it up by slowing the music, bringing in an R&B drum pattern, and a different guitar melody to make this her own version. It’s an acoustic version that has definite folk-pop vibes to it. Julianne Tanella is proud of her work on this song because it encapsulates her approach to life currently.

Julianne describes it as a feel-good tune that makes you think of relaxing in a hammock after a day of drinking pina coladas and snorkeling. She relates that it makes her think of how the soul gravitates towards certain people. You want to move towards people who are good for you and the best possible situations. Surround yourself with individuals who only are interested in helping you grow and stay away from the weeds (that which will keep you down). You should do your best to run towards an island in the sun.

Release Date Set for June

Julianne Tanella plans to release “Island in the Sun (Weezer cover)” on June 18th, 2021. Fans of Julianne Tanella are sure to be excited about this release and it’s likely to bring in new listeners who already enjoy this alternative rock song. You can find Julianne’s music on Spotify and should be able to find this one there, as well. Be sure to check out Julianne’s other music, which is a blend of easy listening, R&B, lo-fi, hip-hop, and smooth jazz. This eclectic mix of styles is a testament to the styles that have inspired Julianne since she was much younger.

Julianne Tanella never thought it possible she would get this opportunity to go into the studio and work with a producer with ease. She has given it her all in recent months and hopes to motivate other people to take up their passions, no matter what they are and what they need to do.

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