New Xiake Tour Ningbo? Reading fills the city with the fragrance of books

Dec 22, 2023 5:41 PM ET

400 years ago, the travel sage Xu Xiake embarked on a journey from Ningbo; 400 years later, people follow in his footsteps to Ningbo.

In the same era as Xu Xiake, Fan Qin, who loved books, reading, and collecting books, built the Tianyi Pavilion, a library that has stood for over 400 years. This library not only bears the spiritual aspirations of generations of literati and poets but also witnesses the prosperous development of Jiangnan culture. The tradition of cultural preservation can be passed down, from Tianyi Pavilion to Bao Yugang Library, from the new building of Ningbo Library to independent bookstores scattered throughout the city. The love for books, the act of reading, and the preservation of culture remain the unchanged essence of this city. Despite the advancements in reading platforms in the information age, the charm of literature and the power of culture keep this city eagerly awaiting every visitor to personally peruse its pages.

Published By: Zeest Media

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