New York City student is killed while waiting for a bus to bring him home

Mar 18, 2020 7:05 PM ET

Some accidents claim the lives of young victims while they are trying to get home from school. A ten year old victim was killed by an SUV driver that lost control while he was waiting at a bus stop in Brooklyn.


Child is killed at a public bus stop

A young boy was standing at a bus stop at Ocean Avenue and Avenue L in the Midwood section of Brooklyn on a Tuesday afternoon. A 60 year old man driving a gray Lexus SUV northbound on Ocean Ave had some kind of a medical episode. The SUV started to drift to the right, and then hit the boy at the bus stop, continuing into a scaffolding of a nearby building. One of the construction workers from the area witnessed the accident and came to help.

Police arrived on the scene and found that the boy had suffered from serious injuries to his neck and back area. He was taken to a local hospital, but pronounced dead shortly afterward.

NYPD was expected to conduct a full investigation of the crash and determine an exact cause. There was no info about whether the driver was cited or charged.

The boy’s father claims that the school district is partially at fault because his bus is never there when he gets out of school. The victim would routinely end up waiting and taking an MTA bus home because his assigned school bus is already gone most days by the time he gets to his stop.

The City Speaker along with friends, family members, and neighbors of the victim gathered at the site where the accident happened. The speaker made a statement regarding the need to make the roads safer and end traffic violence. The local Department of Education was questioned about procedures to assist children who have missed their bus, but they simply claimed that they are looking into the issue and did not comment further.


Suing a transportation company or school district

Both school districts and bus companies are routinely held responsible for various kinds of accidents. It is possible for a personal injury lawyer to file a claim against one of these entities, rather than an individual driver if they are implicated in an accident. After a brief initial meeting, a lawyer should be able to explain the process of a lawsuit and the potential value of your case.


Local help is available

Attorneys who are licensed in the state of New York can assist victims with filing a case against the person who caused their injuries. Use the listings on to find a lawyer in the New York City area.

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