New York motorist was hospitalized in critical condition after a truck part broke his windshield

Mar 6, 2020 4:05 PM ET

Trucks can create road hazards not only from accidents, but also from an unsecured load or other large objects that may become dislodged and hit other drivers or pedestrians.


A driver who was entering Manhattan on the George Washington Bridge was seriously hurt by debris from a truck.


Driver is critically hurt by large metal piece from a truck

The New York Port Authority found that the driver was travelling in the upper lanes when a large piece of metal crashed through his windshield and caused severe head trauma.

Investigators are uncertain about exactly what caused the situation, but they are almost sure that the 18 inch long piece of metal that came through the man’s windshield came from the underside of a truck. Law enforcement believes that the metal did not come from above the vehicle or a car on the side, and they think it was most likely dislodged from the undercarriage of a semi truck or vehicle of similar size. Their investigation into the incident will continue until they can find more answers.

The aftermath of the accident was shown, and the driver’s windshield had a very large hole in the middle. The lanes in the area were entirely shut down for most of the afternoon after the incident took place, so that law enforcement could begin their investigation.

At the time of the news report the man was staying at Hackensack University Medical Center in critical condition. He had already been hospitalized since the previous day.


Regulations for commercial drivers and truckers

Because commercial drivers are regulated and licensed differently than most other drivers, they are also held to higher standards when they drive. This can include making sure that any load that is transported along with the vehicle itself is secured to avoid injuries and property damage caused by a truck accident. In fact, it is fairly common for truck drivers to receive citations from law enforcement or regulatory agencies for violating these rules.


Suing a truck driver and the business that owns the vehicle

If someone is hurt by part of a truck or an item that falls off and causes an accident, the driver and trucking business are still responsible for these losses. They may have to pay the victim for medical treatment, missed time from work, and any long term problems caused by their negligence. To learn how your specific incident will proceed through the local courts, it is necessary to get in touch with an attorney. 


Get legal advice after a truck crash

Attorneys who focus on truck accident lawsuits throughout the New York City metro region are available to speak with local clients after an accident. The listings on can help you find a lawyer in your city based on their practice area.

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