North Dakota parents endangered their children while driving drunk

Mar 9, 2020 8:05 PM ET

Some drunk drivers are so careless that they put their own family members in danger. When this happens, it is possible that they may be sued by passengers and family members in their own vehicle, other drivers affected by the accident, or both.

Two parents were charged criminally for drunk driving and child neglect following an accident where multiple minors were injured.


Police arrived to find three injured children next to their parents’ car

The official court documents related to the incident say that police received a call to respond to Highway 1806 southbound near mile marker 56 in central North Dakota. There was an accident in the area, and witnesses believed that the driver responsible was likely intoxicated.

When police came to the scene, they found a group of young children, aged 2, 3, and 4 lying in a ditch near the accident scene. After the vehicle was checked, no car seats or child restraints were found.

Later that night, the cops caught up to a 37 year old male who was the suspected drunk driver of the car. He fled the scene on foot initially, but he was caught and tested for alcohol. He had a blood alcohol concentration of .20, which is almost three times the legal limit. The mother of the children remained at the accident scene, but police believe she was drunk as well.

The two year old victim was airlifted to an emergency center in Fargo for treatment for serious injuries. The three and four year old children were released from local hospitals after a brief stay related to minor injuries.

The father who was caught by the police is subject to a no contact order with the kids and he was being held on a $10,000 bond. He was charged with DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, and causing injury or death while driving drunk.


Bringing a civil case against a drunk driver

Despite the fact that drunk drivers are prosecuted criminally, it is also crucial for any victims to contact a civil attorney and discuss the possibility of an accident lawsuit. This is because the criminal process is controlled by the government and mostly out of the victim’s control. A civil lawsuit will allow the victim’s attorney to argue for a specific monetary amount that will cover any losses caused by the accident.

While the lawyer will still have to prove fault in the separate civil case, evidence of drunk driving usually helps make a strong argument to the jury against the driver responsible.



Learn more about lawsuits against intoxicated drivers

Legal professionals who work throughout the state of North Dakota routinely assist clients with cases against people that cause car collisions. has listings of lawyers who specialize in drunk driving accidents.

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