North Dakota, Who Counts as an Expert Witness in a Truck Accident Case?

Feb 26, 2020 6:05 PM ET

Witnesses are one of the most important forms of evidence a plaintiff can rely on to help them win their truck accident case. Individuals who have been involved in a truck accident should try their best to gather the names and numbers of all those who were physically present at the scene of the accident because of how useful their testimony can be when matters escalate to court.

 Of course, one of the last things a person has on their mind after getting into a serious accident is collecting witnesses, so not many people do get in touch with those who were present at the accident right away. A truck accident attorney can help contact those individuals who were present during the accident and request them to give a testimony of what happened at the site of the accident.

Even with witnesses, there is always the chance of human error and therefore a person can not build a defense simply based on the testimonies of their witnesses. Getting expert witnesses to aid a person in building their defense will prove to be much more valuable in the eyes of the judge and the jury.

 Expert witnesses include:

Forensic engineers
Medical professionals
Professional accident reconstructionist
FMCSA consultants

Getting the help of expert witnesses helps make a person’s case stronger as these individuals are knowledgeable regarding accidents and can testify through their expertise that a person is telling the truth regarding what happened and that they are also speaking the truth regarding how serious their injuries were as a result of the accident.

A person can use the testimonies of their expert witnesses to contest an offer of compensation made by their insurance company or to convince the courtroom that the other party was at fault for the collision.

When should I call my Insurance company after an accident?

Though most people believe they need to call their insurance company right after an accident, this is simply not true. The first person who should be called after a serious collision- apart from the ambulance and police officers- is a person’s lawyer.

It is in the best interest of one’s insurer to provide the least amount of compensation legally possible to the victim of the accident after their loss. A person should never settle for this low amount and through the help of their legal representative, they can convince the insurance company they deserve a lot more to help them cover all their damages.

Insurance companies are expected to act in good faith. This means that they are expected to treat the insured person respectfully and not try and take advantage of them through taking long periods to respond or through giving low offers with confusing explanations. If the company fails to act in good faith a person can not only contest their low-ball offer, but they can litigate against them and seek compensatory benefits for all their time and energy that was wasted.

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