Ohires Protects Fair Dealing with Its Clients, Employees, and Partners

Jul 30, 2021 4:39 PM ET

DUBAI, UAE – You could rack your brains for hours trying to describe the main features of a reliable, modern company. It is not always technical equipment or gold inlays on the walls of the office. The thoughtfulness of the contracts concluded by it and the unswerving adherence to the conditions specified therein are more reliable indicators. Ohires, as an international recruiting company that specializes in human resources from developing markets (Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa), promotes the values of responsible partnership, as demonstrated by decades of fruitful collaboration with organizations around the world. This business methodology helps to quickly establish a consensus between the customer and the contractor and eliminates misunderstandings, thus accelerating and reducing the cost of all stages of cooperation.

Ohires is dedicated to assisting clients with hiring staff, through the full cycle from candidate identification and interviewing to workflow management. A wide range of the human resource needs of startups is met through preparation of employees for both remote work and relocation. In addition, the opportunity to save up to 50% of wage bills is significant for customers who intend to cross the break-even point as soon as possible.

A legally certified contract gives the client peace of mind and confidence that their company will benefit if it follows the specified terms. For example, if a contract includes the obligatory provision of personnel audit or accounting support — the client knows that everything will be done to the last detail.

Ohires online platform frees customers from the routine of hundreds of interviews and saves their most valuable resource — time. Instead of lengthy attempts to find reliable recruiters who may not live up to their reputation, the client receives a ready-made solution from the first day of the contract.

Unfortunately, not every organization is capable of conforming to the ideals of fair partnership. There are still examples of archaic ways of doing business. They manifest themselves in the desire to get all the services and to avoid any settlements. For example, after signing agreements with the CEO of GET IN LTD, Niv Ariel, in 2019, Ohires began conscientiously selecting appropriate candidates and succeeded in doing that. Ohires values its reputation, so it completed all recorded client requests (recruiting, employer support, management) on time. But when it was time to pay, Ohires received no remuneration for the work.

The head of Ohires, Vladimir Malyshkin, attempted to resolve this conflict with minimal consequences for the client. He sent a letter describing possible mutually beneficial solutions and offered a chance to avoid penalties.

Now, GET IN LTD risks losses in the form of penalties ($10,000), litigation fees, and other indirect damages. Just as importantly, this company is losing its good name. And such damage can amount to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

The example of Ohires confirms that a reliable company is not only about high-quality products and high service standards. It is a structure that is able to protect the interests of its employees, partners, and customers. Contemporary international practice shows that only honest companies are successful both in business — and in court. After all, clear and responsible adherence to the terms and conditions of contracts is one of the best investments in a company’s future.

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