Omaha driver kills a motorist on a local highway while going the wrong way

Mar 17, 2020 7:05 PM ET

Omaha, NE – Investigators were in the process of determining what caused a wrong way crash on Highway 75 in Omaha, Nebraska. Two fatalities were associated with the collision.


Car enters highway in the wrong direction and collides head on with other driver

The incident happened at about 2 am on the JFK Expressway.

A driver was going south in the Northbound lanes on the highway and collided with another vehicle head on. Police believe that the driver must not have realized she entered the expressway on the wrong side.

As emergency crews arrived on the scene, they found that a 25 year old female and a 59 year old male, both from Omaha, were unresponsive and pronounced dead. Police also believe that the driver responsible may have been intoxicated, and they are considering the possibility that this was a drunk driving accident. Both drivers involved did not have any passengers in their vehicles.

The expressway reopened a few hours later at about 6:30am after the scene was cleared and secured. The investigation was still ongoing at the time of the news report.


Fatal accidents

When someone dies in a car accident, they are not around to bring a case on their own, but the civil law allows other family members to file claims on their behalf. Like every other state, Nebraska has a wrongful death law that describes who can bring the case and certain other rules. These family members can bring a lawsuit that is similar to a standard negligence case after an accident. This means that various damages such as medical expenses, future lost wages and earning potential, and emotional pain can be considered in a settlement or a jury verdict. There are additional expenses available related to funeral and burial as well when someone dies.


Laws related to drunk driving

Laws governing intoxicated drivers are mostly meant for the government to punish a person responsible for accidents and injuries with criminal penalties. In a situation like this where the driver responsible may have been intoxicated but died, there is little that can be done in terms of criminal punishment. This is why a civil lawsuit is a more effective remedy in many situations, as it allows a victim to receive compensation regardless of whether the government decides to file charges or not. Criminal charges will either not consider monetary losses at all, or only provide limited restitution in most cases. This means that a separate civil case will be necessary to cover all losses. 


Learn more about filing a lawsuit after a crash

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