Omaha, NE, Who Is Liable for a Truck Accident When the Driver Was Pressurized by the Carrier?

Mar 6, 2020 12:00 AM ET

Truck drivers often face a lot of pressure from their carriers to deliver their goods in a specific period of time. Sometimes, this pressure pushes the drivers to make unwise decisions and they end up driving their trucks when they should be resting or when they are not in the position to drive. In such cases, the carrier or the trucking company official who urged the driver to deliver the goods on time despite the unsafe circumstances can be held legally accountable. Any driver who got into a truck accident should connect with a truck accident attorney in Omaha, NE to explore their options involving litigation.

Roughly over 4000 deaths occur every year in Nebraska due to truck accident-based collisions. Since truck accidents so often lead to deaths or serious injuries a person must have the case properly investigated in order to determine liability. The guilty individual will be responsible for paying for the damages and if their actions were extremely unexpected and unnatural that a person can demand extra compensation from them through a court trial.

Truck drivers often must have their goods delivered within a specific timeframe in order for their company to profit appropriately from the transaction. If they fail to meet the deadline it may cost the trucking company a lot of money and bad customer reviews. When companies are under this pressure they often turn to drivers and get them to driver longer hours than allowed, or they try and get the drivers to run a shift when they are ill or unable to drive safely.

If a trucking carrier is found guilty of pressurizing their driver, they can be held at least partially responsible for the accident. Of course, the truck driver will still have to answer for breaking the trucking rules put forth by the law, but the carrier has a hand in the accident as well.

What are the other common causes of trucking accidents in Nebraska?

Apart from being pressured to drive in strained circumstances, truck drivers often get into accidents due to vehicle malfunctioning. Sometimes the tires blow out on an otherwise well-functioning truck, or the brakes and the steering wheel fail to work the way they should.

When mechanical failure results in the accident then further investigation is always required to discern whether the trucker failed to operate the vehicle properly or whether the truck manufacturer made a mistake when building the vehicle. Sometimes, the company in charge of maintaining the truck may be held responsible if it is discovered that the engineer failed to check the vehicle properly during the last service checkup.

Another common reason for truck accidents is truck drivers failing to follow proper traffic rules or losing their cool while driving. Anyone who has been hit by a trucker who was driving carelessly should get in touch with a truck accident lawyer to launch an investigation and begin the legal process as soon as possible.


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