One Direction: Are Those 2020 Reunion Rumors True? Here’s What We Know

Mar 30, 2020 7:20 PM ET

Will One Direction reunite in 2020?

We don’t want to hope too much, but there is plenty of evidence that they later pointed out that the boys and probably not Zayn Malik could, unfortunately, meet for a long-awaited meeting.

With 2020 being the tenth anniversary of the boy’s union at The X Factor, fans are now looking forward to their comeback this year more than ever.

So is One Direction reunited? And will they meet in 2020? Here are all the tests and theories.

To use the words of this fanatic, we are not playing the clown.

Let’s not lose hope

However, hope is not lost, there is a light at the end of the tunnel because the visits put an end to the boys – who should say what could happen next ?!

Liam himself admitted at the Sunday brunch at the end of 2019 that a meeting was “at least in two years”, which is the closest to a number we had from a member of the group, and admitted that the advertising and touring cycles used to take time until then.

Liam, as quoted in a Tumblr article, apparently said at a promotional event for “ LP1 ” that the boys were working on a birthday project – and we all hope it will be their 10th birthday.

Niall misses one direction

Niall Horan, who is currently working on his second album, said in the podcast George Ezra & Friends that he missed being in the group and being with his best friends all the time.

So when will one direction reunite?

As we know, Zayn left 1D in 2015 and rarely mentioned the group. The same applies to Harry Styles, who hasn’t mentioned boys solo adventures much since he started, but technically he’s still part of the group.

There’s certainly the hope of meeting a lot of 1D people, but when it comes to dating, it’s still very illusory.

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