Online Money Transfer Vs Wire Transfer to Pakistan

Dec 15, 2020 7:54 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Dec 15, 2020  2:54 PM ET

A large diaspora of Pakistani community lives abroad, which often wants to send money to Pakistan to their relatives and friends. However, the problem that they often face is the decision regarding what money transfer methods are best for Pakistan.

We have got the solution for you!

You might be wondering about the available resources for money transfer to Pakistan. Some people might have guided you of wire transfer, Direct cash deposits, or even online transfer.

In this article, we will compare and contrast both methods. Moreover, we will guide you through ACE Money Transfer in collaboration with Bank Alfalah to ease your money transfer to Pakistan.

Wire Transfer Vs Online Money Transfer

In the wire transfer method, the money is transferred between two banks via a direct link, through a cash transfer. It works quite simply. Most of the banks from any part of the world can send money to Pakistan via wire transfer process, and it hardly takes 4-5 days for the money to reach Pakistan.

While on the contrary, in the online money transfer method, there exists a connection to money transfer technology in the form of money transfer apps like ACE money transfer app, or through their website registration.

These services allow customers to send money to the receiving end in Pakistan with greater ease, affordability of exchange rates and transaction costs, and reliability regarding money.

ACE Money Transfer- The Best Online Money Transfer Method

Ace money transfer is one of the best online money transfer service providers in Pakistan. It has made a partnership with bank Alfalah, which is the leading bank in the Pakistani banking sector.

At ACE, we never hide extra transaction costs or hidden charges linked with exchange rates. Moreover, our exchange rates are quite handsome, which are provided independently by Reuters at fairs, convenient and low transfer cost rates.

Multiple Money Transfer Options At ACE

Apart from wire transfer and only money transfer, various other methods could also be adapted for sending and receiving money in Pakistan and for the Pakistani diaspora abroad. Among some well-known methods are cash pick up, direct cash transfer, bank deposits, money transfer through the app, and others. All of these are available at Ace money transfer.

Bank Alfalah- The Best Receiving End For Money

Similarly, there exists a variety of methods for receiving money at your end in Pakistan. However, bank Alfalah stands out as the best receiving end. This is because the bank has established its trust within the community in a short period, with its 7000+ workforce and ~700 branches it’s the 6th largest bank of Pakistan and operates all over Pakistan and bring the best money deposits, cash protective, and money transfer services for you.

The combined efforts of ACE money transfer and Bank Alfalah have brought customers beneficiaries and satisfaction by working for the best services provider. They take into account customers’ queries and try to satisfy those queries and concerns in the best possible manner. So, if you want to send money to Pakistan or other countries get registered on the website for a smooth transaction.