OpinionWorld Reviews- Is OpinionWorld Legit? (OpinionWorld Survey Review)

Apr 23, 2021 5:41 AM ET

In this stressful time of our life begotten due to COVID-19, a number of people’s lives are at stake. They are spending their time idly at home. Many of them have lost their jobs and are in enormous depression. How about you make money at home just sharing your opinions and feedback.

Interesting, isn’t it? To do that, you need to opt for a legitimate website by which you can make a number of surveys and generate income. As a result, you don’t need to stay home idly and your home staying will bring about lots of benefits.

Many people attempt to do surveys online but fail to get their desired money as they fall into the wrong hands. Besides, they don’t check the authenticity of the survey websites that they are working with. Keeping these aspects in mind, we have come to lend you a hand by providing you with a review on OpinionWorld. Let’s take a look.

OpinionWorld- A Brief Overview

Before going deep into the review, let’s take a glance at the background of the OpinionWorld so that you can have a better understanding of it.

OpinionWorld is one of the distinguished parts of the parent company, namely Research Now SSI. The company was initiated in 1977 and had been working in full swing since then.

As the name suggests, Research Now SSI is working with research data for a long time. The main motto of the company is to collaborate with businesses to help them have better choices in terms of the business field.

The main working territories of OpinionWorld and its parent company are America and Asia. Every year, the company pulls off a great number of surveys that are used by more than 1500 research companies situated in America and Asia. Among the companies, most of them are well-known world-famous brands.

Therefore, you can’t doubt the capabilities of the surveys incorporated by OpinionWorld.

OpinionWorld – Working Procedures

In this modern competitive world, there is no company that doesn’t look for a competitive edge that will make them more skilful, effective, and efficient when it comes to business.

Therefore, the companies are badly in need of the public’s feedback and opinions when it comes to designing new marketing policies, marketing campaigns, marketing strategies, developing products, and building brand recognition.

Most companies outsource these works to market research specialists such as OpinionWorld. The company will do a survey on their products and services. Then submit it to OpinionWorld.

After that, the OpinionWorld matches the survey to users in the target demographic. The users will complement the survey by filling it and submitting it. The users who fill the survey will be paid for their efforts. Next, the data accumulated from the surveys help the company to make precise and informed decisions, and therefore, they boost up their profits.

Every survey that you initiate can make you earn between $0.50 to $3. The amount varies in terms of the length and type of survey that you are venturing into. For payout, you have to make $10 at least to be eligible to cash out the money. You can choose from any of the following options:

Amazon Gifts card
Airline Miles

OpinionWorld Pros

Fast Payouts

The best of using this platform is that you can get the payout quickly when you request it. Besides, if you go for a physical payout, then the payout will be sent to you on time.

A Larger Number of Survey Times

There are many survey sites available online that only offer surveys that are very long in nature. Therefore, these long surveys are very hard to get across. A great amount of passion is needed to deal with these surveys.

On the other hand, surveys in the OpinionWorld range from a maximum of five to thirty minutes in length. In that case, you can pull off a great number of surveys and can increase your profits.

Ergonomic and Quite Easy to Use

The surveys and their collection available on this site are quite easy-going to use. The formation of this site makes it possible. The ergonomic layout of this site doesn’t let you feel like you are striving to do the surveys. Moreover, you don’t run out of patience while filling these surveys on OpinionWorld.

OpinionWorld Cons

Issues of Disqualification

Some people using OpinionWorld face a great tragedy when it comes to doing surveys. The reason for this depression is that they frequently get disturbed by issues of disqualification while doing surveys.

One of the causes of this drawback is their profile is not that up-to-date. Therefore, it is recommended that they should update their profile as soon as possible to contain frequent disqualification while attempting surveys.

Account Termination and Lack of Response

Some people come up with a claim that their account is facing termination while attempting to cash out the points they earn. For this reason, their feelings get hurt as they don’t get their legitimate payment due to account termination issues.

The say of the OpinionWorld regarding this aspect is that some people are encountering this issue due to discrepancies. This statement proves that OpinionWorld is not that professional as they are trying to dodge the problem without taking the necessary steps to resolve the account termination issues. (Not Necessary).

Besides, they are not responding enough to restore the accounts that have faced banishment or termination. It is as clear as crystal that the authority lacks will when it comes to solving the problem and giving the money back to the rightful clients. So, it will not be insightful to go on with the surveys on OpinionWorld till they handle the problem appropriately.

The Sign-Up Process in OpinionWorld

If you tend to sign up on the website, then the sign-up procedure is a piece of cake. With only a little literacy, you will be able to fill up the necessary information such as your name, gender, a valid email address, etc., to carry on with the website. Just try to have a look at the terms and conditions thoroughly to avoid any confusion in the future.

In order to attain the eligibility to open an account on OpinionWorld, you have to be at least 18 and a resident in the USA to join. Besides, you have to provide information about your address, location, education, and occupation essential to validate the membership account. With the information you provide, you will be placed in a demographic group. For that, it will be easier for the site to find surveys that you qualify to pull off.

The Ways to Make Money on OpinionWorld Other than Surveys

Loyalty Program

The loyalty program offers visitors point bonuses when they successfully complete a significant number of surveys. So, it is a great way to add profits to your account.

You can achieve 10 bonus points after 10 surveys and 100 points after 50 surveys. The point is the more you do surveys, the more you get the points and the more you can cash out money.

Inviting Friends

The users of OpinionWorld have a unique referral link by which they can share with others via social media and email. With the referral link, a user can easily generate more points.

Sharing links in order to generate points is an easy task. You just need to click on the social media symbol, copy the link and paste it on different social platforms. You will get the link in the “Refer a Friend” orange button that you will find at the right side of your OpinionWorld account page.

For each referral link you share, you will get 50 points. You can refer to not more than 5 people. These points will be added to your account in 2 weeks after the referral completes their first survey successfully.

OpinionWorld Online Survey Reviews – Final Words

In the end, we have dug deep to come up with an article on OpinionWorld so that you can have a thorough understanding of the website. Our aim behind making this content is to present before you the ins and outs of the OpinionWorld. We have left no stone unturned to provide you with the working procedures of OpinionWorld so that you won’t go for blind judgment.

That’s all for today. If you are really looking into doing surveys online with OpinionWorld, it is recommended that you take a look at our review. All our efforts will come to light once you go through our content.

Thanks a lot for bearing with us. We really owe you. If you come up with any further queries, just leave a message in our comment section, or you can contact us via phone and email. Have a nice day!

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FAQs on OpinionWorld

Is OpinionWorld legal?

Having experience for over a decade, OpinionWorld is a legitimate survey website. OpinionWorld is not a scam, and people doing surveys on this website are earning handsome revenue. Moreover, day by day, people across the world are becoming a part of this popular website. In the end, you can’t deny its authenticity.

Is OpinionWorld free to join?

Yes, this site is entirely free for those who want to join and create an account. They only need to provide some sort of information regarding name, address, email account, etc., for making a legitimate account on OpinionWorld.

How can I contact the customer service of OpinionWorld?

If you come up with any problem or queries, you can contact the authority right away via email or phone. Besides, they have an extensive general FAQ page by which you can get the solution to all the problems in general.

How can I redeem points?

You can redeem points using PayPal, Gift Cards, Airline Miles, or Check. You choose from any of the ways.

Do survey websites really pay?

Not all of them but a few survey websites like OpinionWorld do pay after the completion of the survey. You should be careful while tending to earn money doing surveys because many websites are scams, and they don’t really pay.

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