Orlando, Florida, What Common Legal Risks do Most Businesses Face?

Mar 13, 2020 1:15 AM ET

Starting a new business can open up a new world of possibilities for a person and can be one of the best financial moves a person makes in their life. However, it can also be a little tricky to stay on the same page as the law and run a profitable business at the same time. Many times, most business owners are completely unaware their practices go against the law and this results in them having to face legal consequences even though their intentions were completely clean.

To prevent getting hit by serious and unforeseen legal penalties, every business owner should communicate with a business law attorney right from when they are starting their business endeavors. An attorney can educate them on all the policies regarding their field of operation and in turn, keep them on the good side of the law.

There are many sudden legal risks a business owner may encounter, including:

Wage claims and hour claims
Employee abuse and discrimination claims
Copyright lawsuits
Product liability lawsuits
Improper following of advertising regulations
Environmental violation lawsuits


A business law attorney can help a person with any of the above legal risks. They can help a person gather evidence to prove the allegations against them were false or they can create defenses to have their penalties lightened significantly. A good way to ensure that a person will be safe from serious lawsuits is to have business insurance. Even before purchasing insurance a business owner should consult with an attorney to make sure the insurer is legitimate and that they don’t have anything important hidden away in their fine print.

There are many different types of insurance a person can apply for and one of the most important is general liability insurance.


What is general liability insurance?

Businesses should always carry general liability insurance because it covers both personal assets and business assets from being seized in the case a person loses a lawsuit. Business owners who deal with high-risk products should also consider getting umbrella liability insurance as this will protect the business when other insurance policies fail.

The details of what insurance a person needs to keep their business safe can best be discussed through a lawyer who specializes in dealing with businesses. The risks that come with running a business can be very high but that should not scare an entrepreneur from following their dreams towards financial freedom. It is imperative though that a person takes every necessary precaution to prevent getting into complicated legal scenarios that may be hard to get out of without suffering major financial losses, or even a loss of the right to run such a business.

A person should form a connection with a lawyer very early on in their business endeavor as this will help prevent them from getting into unnecessary lawsuits and also help them make the right legal decisions to ensure the success of their business.

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