Ottawa Businessman, Kenneth Loeb: Real Estate and Investments

May 17, 2021 5:00 PM ET

Ottawa businessman, Kenneth Loeb has had multiple careers in his lifetime. In each of these careers, he was able to build skills, confidence, and strength that contributed to his future and repertoire. He has been a litigation lawyer in the past and has kept his license to practice law. Kenneth Loeb earned his Doctor of Law (JD) at York University – Osgoode Hall Law School.

After this, Kenneth Loeb owned and managed a packaging business that was successful for more than three decades. He also ended up joining the Board of Directors of a company that was publicly listed in the field of health and defense and was eventually appointed to the title of Chairman. Throughout the time that he was there, the company stock price was constantly outperforming the S&P index.

Ottawa resident, Kenneth Loeb also shares insights about how the pandemic has impacted different Industries, including real estate. As he currently works in real estate, he has discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic has had an effect on real estate valuations. He explained that these valuations are a very important part of the real estate industry, affecting all real estate transactions. A valuation is a process that is used to determine the value of the purchase in real estate. Because there is a lack of physical access to many properties, there have been significant changes in the industry. The changes in the economy have also made real estate very turbulent. Many tenants have fallen behind on their rent, and there are no-eviction orders placed by some local governments. All of these factors play a role when it comes to real estate during the pandemic.

Kenneth Loeb also shares helpful tips for maximizing productivity during the pandemic, when so much of the work that needs to be done is done remotely. He starts by saying that clear and effective communication is important, as well as the setting of reasonable expectations. He says it’s important for managers to check in with their employees on a daily basis since they create an environment where there is definitely accountability. They also give the managers a chance to communicate with their team. However, it is important that managers not only check-in, but keep meetings as focused as possible; this is largely because the staff is not going to appreciate meetings that end up wasting their time. It is also important not to weigh employees down with unnecessary paperwork, so it is good to streamline any forms and tools that they need to use. Overall, it is important to create good morale in good company culture in order to boost productivity as much as possible.

Currently, Kenneth Loeb gives most of his time to commercial real estate holdings in the United States and Canada; here, past experiences that he has had have served the growth and overall stability of the company. Kenneth Loeb is currently the Executive Chairman of Ambassador Realty, Inc.

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