Oxford Ohio area was the scene of a crash between multiple trucks

Mar 6, 2020 3:05 PM ET

When several large trucks or commercial vehicles collide during the same accident, the risk of serious injuries or death increases greatly. People who are hurt in these situations may have to resort to civil lawsuits to pay for their losses.


A fire started when two trucks collided near Oxford, Ohio in Butler County.


Semi truck hits a local fire truck during an accident investigation

A municipal fire truck was on the scene of a prior accident conducting an investigation, when a semi truck drifted over and struck the ladder and body of the fire truck. The incident happened on Interstate 75 just north of Ohio Highway 129 near Lakota East High School. Part of the highway was already shut down while emergency crews and vehicles were in the area around midnight. The entire highway had to be blocked off until about 2 am due to second crash.

The initial investigation by the Ohio State Highway Patrol revealed that the semi truck driver was drowsy or falling asleep when he caused the accident. He proceeded forward on the highway straight into the accident scene instead of moving over. The emergency vehicles in the area had their lights activated, and drivers could clearly see the accident scene as they passed by. The trucker was given a citation for driving a commercial vehicle with impaired alertness. The fire truck, which was owned by Liberty Township, will be out of service for quite some time due to the damage. 

Two unidentified individuals had to be transported to West Chester Hospital for treatment, but the extent of their injuries was not disclosed. The local fire chief said that a firefighter who was hurt during the crash was released after a brief hospital stay in the emergency room. The semi truck driver also sustained minor injuries from the impact. 


Government vehicles and civil lawsuits

Truck accidents that involve government vehicles have some different rules than standard car collisions. Many government entities were typically immune from civil lawsuits under the doctrine of sovereign immunity. Most states have eliminated this older doctrine, but they have now placed a cap on the amount of damages that are available if the government is a defendant. Ohio has special rules in place that regulate how and when the government can be sued, along with other relevant procedures.

To learn more about what specific doctrines may be implicated in your case, talk with an attorney who practices in this area of the law.


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