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Oct 10, 2020 12:43 PM ET

Oct 10, 2020 8:43 AM ET
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YouTube’s advertising platform is one of the most exciting platforms out there, offering your business profitable advertising options that you can deeply customize and target particular user groups. Whether your business is entirely online or based on a real site, YouTube ads can help you increase your reach, increase brand awareness, improve conversion rates, and more. It is the marketing strategy that you should seriously consider adding to your arsenal. Here’s how to use YouTube ads effectively to market your business.


Before you can start creating effective paid YouTube ads for your business, you must link your YouTube channel to your AdWords account, and then create a new online video campaign in AdWords. Once done, you will be guided through a simple setup process while defining your target audience, budget, and other key marketing criteria. YouTube offers you many ad formats and ad creation options that you can try. Below we will discuss a safe approach to running your campaign and staying within your budget, which you can then adjust based on your results.

Choose the right Youtube video ad format for your business.

YouTube ads can take four forms; Display, overlay, skippable, and in-stream youtube ads that cannot be skipped. Display ads are those that appear to the right of the featured video, and overlay ads are semi-transparent and appear at the bottom of your videos. Users of youtube ads can’t skip after 5 seconds of viewing, while other ads must be seen before their video can be seen.

Some ads can appear before, during, or after the main video. Of all these ads, the non-skip ads are theoretically the most effective, but they are also the most expensive, meaning they have the highest cost per thousand impressions. Also, they can suffer from a high video abandon rate, so they are a bit risky.

Skippable high-priority video ads are a safer and more profitable option for most businesses, so you may want to focus on them, at least at the beginning of your campaign. Depending on your budget, choose a realistic sum you pay when a viewer watches a portion of your YouTube ads. A typical cost per view for a local ad is very minimal, which implies that you may get amazing exposure even on a small budget. Run an in-stream bid for half that cost, but don’t forget to adjust that number later based on your ad performance.

Target your audience

After choosing your ad type, you must determine your target audience. If you have video marketing details from campaigns, you may want to choose the demographics like gender and age group for YouTube ads. One effective method is to combine demographic targeting with keyword targeting to target a specific group of users, such as men between the ages of 25 and 45 who love cars and watch videos on car cleaning and maintenance, or women aged about 30 years old who love birds. The important thing is to combine the targeting options to target your YouTube ads on the people who really care about what you offer.

Finally, placements allow you to aim at specific video channels; it can be useful in case you wish your ads to appear on partner videos. After choosing your audience, you can create your ad and add a banner to make it stand out.

YouTube video advertising tips

Regardless of the youtube ads, you pick or your target audience, here are some YouTube video advertising tips to help you get more out of YouTube ads.

  • Separate YouTube in-stream video ads from YouTube search ads, targeting audiences to separate them.
  • Set a lower daily budget limit to reduce unprofitable views early in your campaign and keep the unexpected volume under control.
  • In case you have a small budget, aim at targeting small groups, and make sure the expected views do not exceed one thousand. Small campaigns are easier to monitor and adjust.
  • Lower your potential audience estimate by adding nested keywords.
  • Redirect your ads to YouTube viewers with AdWords Remarketing to increase conversion rates and improve brand awareness and recall.

YouTube ads can be a great marketing tool for your business. However, don’t forget that, like any internet marketing, it requires constant adjustment and adjustment to be successful.

Youtube ads mean you have to get more creative, which may be a disadvantage for some, but it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think. For example, when people have traditionally thought of creating a Youtube video, they capture motion and motion, just as you would see it in a TV commercial or a movie. This is an expensive and time-consuming way to create an ad, but you really don’t have to go into that detail if you don’t want it. For clarity, you can also create ads with tools like Microsoft PowerPoint or even just jpg images. What you do is find or create slides or images that you want people to see, sequence them with a Youtube video editing tool, and then create an audio recording. The audio extends to the point where you allow people to see all your group photos, plus your photos become your sales space. You may tell people what you need about the product, and the audio, along with the images that appear as you go through the narration, becomes your Youtube ad. For more about paid information, please visit