Parents of South Carolina Marine Recruit File $100 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Mar 26, 2020 6:05 PM ET

The Supreme Court recently declined to hear it.

In 2016, Raheel Siddiqui allegedly threw himself to his death off the barracks stairwell while going through Marine boot camp in South Carolina. After an investigation was conducted by the Marine Corps, his death was labeled as a suicide, however, his family believes there is more to the story that is being covered up. That is what prompted Siddiqui’s family to file a $100 million lawsuit in 2017.

The Marine Corps Times reported that while Siddiqui was attending boot camp, he “endured torture and abuse because he was Muslim.” In the lawsuit, his parents stated that “there was negligence on the part of Siddiqui’s recruiter to properly inform him of [the] harsh treatment and discrimination he would face at boot camp for being a Muslim.” Just before the Marine recruit jumped, the source says that he went to his drill instructor, Gunnery Sgt. Joseph Felix and “asked to be sent to medical for his sore throat.”

Apparently, Siddiqui failed to give Felix the proper greeting which resulted in him having to “run back and forth across the squad bay until he eventually passed out.” Felix then claimed he slapped Siddiqui in an effort to revive him. The recruit allegedly got up, ran away, and later jumped to his death. The source says that in 2017, Felix was convicted for abusing recruits and was accused of “singling out Muslim recruits.” He was also said to have forced two Muslim recruits to climb inside an industrial dryer and allowed one of the men to get out after the told him he was no longer Muslim.

Two years after the wrongful death lawsuit was filed, the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals decided to dismiss it. Despite the dismissal, the family didn’t give up. The news source says Siddiqui’s family later filed a request to have the Supreme Court review the lower court’s dismissal. In January, the family learned that the Supreme Court declined to hear their case.

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