Payment Processing Services: DNBC Financial Group Weighs in On the Qualities Businesses Need in a Provider

Oct 8, 2021 9:00 PM ET

The DNBC Financial Group offers a full-online experience to corporate customers, by making payments accessible to all. They are making it possible to bank anytime and anywhere. The staff has a few tips for businesses looking for payment processing services.

DNBC Financial Group was founded by Jimmy Lee in 2017. A Vietnamese-born entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, Lee built DNBC as a way to overhaul the international remittance process found within traditional banking systems – and to remove the cumbersome money transfer procedures that have long limited business growth and expansion around the world. With DNBC, Lee has made it faster and easier for businesses to transfer money, inspiring enterprises to go global and realize their full potential.

The company has made it easy for customers to bank whenever and wherever they are. It is known for not just low fees but also extreme efficiency when it comes to transferring funds. For businesses in need of a reputable and reliable payment processor, the group weighs in on what decision-makers should be looking for.


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Mr. Le Hung Anh (Jimmy Lee) – Founder & CEO of DNBC Financial Group


DNBC Financial Group: What to Look for in a Payment Processing Provider

Long-Term Savings

Payment processing services are known for shaving off a few cents here and there in an effort to be more competitive. This is a strategy that works for many companies, one that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. The less a payment processor charges, the more their clients can bump up their bottom line.

Yet, businesses have to be careful to find payment processing services that aren’t sacrificing quality in every transaction. This makes for unforeseen costs that are difficult to calculate. Overall, it’s easy to pay far more over time by choosing the least expensive option from the pack. DNBC Financial Group is notorious for providing customers with excellent service without raising fees.

Full Capabilities

Customers today want options when it comes to how to pay which is why it’s so important not to restrict them. From foreign exchanges to IBANs, a good payment processor can fulfill a wide range of requests. It’s why the DNBC Financial Group can not only assist with managing accounts, they can also support international transfers to and from 170 countries around the world.

At up to €200,000 a day for personal accounts and up to €500,000 a day for corporate accounts, the company has opened options for businesses all over the world. The company can also facilitate SWIFT and SEPA transfers, ensuring convenience and security for their corporate clients.

For businesses looking for a vital partner in payment processing and international transfers, it just makes sense to go with a company like DNBC Financial Group – an organization with the technology, staff, and licenses to make it happen. A service that can only do half of what a business needs it to do will only cause headaches and hassles. It can eventually start to affect their revenue as well.

DNBC Financial Group: What to Keep In Mind

Payment processing may not be the most glamorous service in the world, but it’s important to choose someone who can get it right the first time. When a business needs a company that won’t let them down, DNBC has the functionality to keep everything running smoothly.


Name: Jimmy Lee
Title: Founder & CEO
Phone: +1 626 322 7182

SOURCE: DNBC Financial

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