Pedestrian Killed in Deadly Bus Strike

Apr 4, 2020 5:05 PM ET

A 56 year old woman was killed on March 10th, 2020 after being struck by an RTA bus in Dayton. Lynn Willis was walking northbound on the West Third Street, according to a Dayton Police report, when she was struck by the bus.

Willis was rushed to Miami Valley Hospital after being hit by the bus where she later succumbed to her injuries.

It Was Like Any Other Day

Willis had worked for the social security administration for over 30 years. She would use the parking lot in Wilkinson in downtown Dayton and take the same Third Street crosswalk every day to get to the federal building.

On the morning of the accident, the RTA bus was trying to make a left turn to West Third Street from South Wilkinson Street. According to the police report, the bus driver failed to yield the right of way to pedestrian.

Woody Willis, Lynn’s husband and Kim Steele, Lynn’s sister said Lynn was an absolute delight and joy. She was fostering her two nephews after their parents died in a car crash.

Bus Driver Relieved of Duty

According to Jessica Olson, Greater Dayton RTA Communication Manager, the bus driver has been fired. RTA surveillance videos released to the public show Willis moments before the accident that led to her death.

The video doesn’t show her being struck. But, she can be seen entering the crosswalk before the driver of the RTA bus makes a left-hand turn onto the street.

The bus driver has not been charged or cited for anything yet. However, Lynn’s family is pushing for justice. Dayton Daily News has reached out to Dayton Police who report the investigation is still going on.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents in Ohio

Poorly maintained or out-of-adjustment brakes are a common cause for bus accidents, especially where pedestrians are involved. Bus accidents can have multiple responsible parties. For instance, along with the driver, the bus company and a third party, like the maintenance company or the manufacturer can also be held responsible.

It takes an experienced passenger bus accident attorney to identify all liable parties and file a claim for maximum compensation. Driver fatigue is another top cause of accidents in Ohio. Drowsy drivers can put entire tour groups, families, schoolchildren, and youth groups at risk.

There are over 6 million people using the Metro Regional Transit Authority for transportation. It is vital that the exact cause of an accident is identified as quickly as possible. It requires a reliable passenger bus accident lawyer with the latest technology to develop strong and persuasive cases.

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