Peter Machinis Explains the Joys of Philanthropy

Mar 17, 2020 1:05 PM ET

In order to help people survive in an increasingly chaotic world, philanthropists like Peter Machinis work hard to give back.

Chicago, IL/ iCrowdnewswire/ March 17, 2020/ There is an innumerably large group of people who are in need across the world, for various reasons. One way that this can be accomplished is through philanthropic acts from people like Peter Machinis. Philanthropy can have ulterior motives from person to person, but it is a great way to ensure that those who need are able to receive.

Peter Machinis Explains Why You Should Engage in Philanthropy

There is nothing wrong with earning money, so long as it is done through legitimate means and does not harm people. However, that does not mean that you should hoard your wealth and not give anything back. Peter Machinis notes that in life, a lot of people who are rich today are people who relied on the generosity of others when they were younger. If you ever feel like holding back, just remember the people who did not hold back for you. Another reason Peter Machinis brings up is that philanthropy can often cover things that may not be popular enough to be covered by the government or through the popular vote, meaning that disaffected groups of people could fall through the cracks otherwise. People like Peter Machinis go to great lengths to make sure that this does not happen.

And honestly, philanthropy is not entirely a selfless act. While the intent may be pure, Peter Machinis comments, few are able to rid themselves of the feelings of enjoyment they get from helping others. That said, this is not a bad thing. Feeling happiness that you caused happiness in others is a very normal emotion, and as long as you are actually putting in the work and giving money to help contribute to that, there is no reason to take issue with it. In a world that faces issues such as poverty, starvation, climate change, and disease, knowing that you made a difference can be worth well more than any monetary sum.

Peter Machinis Explains the Virtues of a Leg Up

For as much good as philanthropy can do for people, it is not enough by itself to help people out of a bad spot in life. Simply put, it is important to have some systems in place to prevent disadvantaged people from suffering, Peter Machinis notes. Welfare programs from governments, including food stamps, paid sick leave, healthcare services, and others help ensure that poorer people have a safety net that not only allow them to live, but to thrive. There is an unfortunate number of people who benefited from certain welfare programs and, once they hit it big, either failed to contribute to such things or even lambasted the value of such services. Opinions are opinions, but if you benefit from something and think others shouldn’t, it’s a bad look.


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