Police Arrested A Driver Who Molested 5-Year-Old Girl In An Embassy Premises

Mar 30, 2020 9:45 PM ET

A five-year-old girl was assaulted by a driver in the workers’ quarters of a remote consulate in New Delhi’s Chanakyapuri on Saturday, the police said. While the girl came back to her home in a harmed condition, the 25-year-old presume proceeded with his everyday schedule, said a senior cop.

The suspect didn’t expect that the girl would educate her folks or that anybody would move toward the police, said the cop.

The man was arrested from his residence

The man was captured from his habitation inside the international safe haven premises on Sunday, that day when the police got a grumbling from the girl’s mom, said Eish Singhal, representative chief of police (New Delhi).

The presume fills in as a driver for the government office where his dad also is utilized among the care staff and lives with the family in the worker’s quarters, said the agent cited previously. The survivor likewise lives in similar premises with her folks, who also function as care staff for the international safe haven.

HT isn’t recognizing either the international safe haven or the suspect to secure the survivor’s character.

The incident happened on Saturday morning

The girl was attacked on Saturday morning when the suspect was separated from everyone else at home. His dad was away grinding away and his mom had gone to meet a family member. He saw the girl playing outside her home. He baited her to his own home and assaulted her there, said the specialist.

At the point when the girl got back, it didn’t take her mom too long to even think about getting to know about the attack. The girl’s mom is pregnant and she became sick on finding a workable pace the wrongdoing. In any case, she took the girl to a private center for treatment, said the official.

The following morning, on Sunday, the mother visited the Chanakyapuri police headquarters. We got the youngster therapeutically analyzed and treated at AIIMS injury focus. The clinical test affirmed assault, said the official.

The suspect can’t believe that it would lead to the police action

Since the suspect was known, the police went to the quarters and captured the suspect. He wasn’t expecting that his wrongdoing would prompt police activity, said the official, including that the suspect didn’t have a criminal record up until now.

DCP Singhal said that an instance of assault has been enrolled alongside charges under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO) at the Chanakyapuri police headquarters in the capital.

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