Precision Metal Stamping and Sheet Metal Fabrication Services from TENRAL

Feb 27, 2022 1:00 AM ET

TENRAL Metal Product Company is a popular custom precision stamping service with numerous clients in China and abroad. The company has consistently maintained a high standard in precision stamping and metal fabrication and offers its services at competitive prices to all its clients.


TENRAL Metal Product Company is a famous precision stamping and metal fabrication servicing company and has hundreds of clients in China and foreign countries. It offers top-notch services in all fields relating to metal fabrication and stamping to customers with a wide range of choices of presses and technological equipment to handle any tasks. The metal stamping company has been consistently providing the highest quality of products to clients belonging to various industries. It includes automotive, plumbing and lighting, electrical, agriculture, energy, HVAC, marine, furniture, appliances, entertainment, industrial equipment, etc.

The sheet metal fabrication of the company is a high-level process creating two-dimensional shapes from pieces of blanked or coiled sheet metal. It involves placing the blanked or coiled sheet into a stamping press where the die in the shape of the needed part is pressed into it.



Various Complex and Precise Customized Parts

The company has been designing and manufacturing complex to precision parts of various metals and has been the leading metal stamping company globally. The sheet metal stamping process effectively produces simple products that require minimal customization. It has some advantages over fabrication, yet it is cost-effective only when production runs are between mid-to-high volumes. However, it is very expensive for short production runs and may require longer.

In the case of complex products with a high level of customization, it is better to go for the sheet metal fabrication process. It has a short lead time and is cost-effective even for short production runs.

Clients can decide which of the above process is most suitable for them, and they may consult about the same with stamping parts manufacturer online. The client and the manufacturer need to ascertain the proper metal formation before committing to the above process.



Deep Drawing and Progressive Die Stamping

Deep drawn stamping forms a metal sheet under compressive and tensile conditions into a cavity. The deep draw stamping process produces a closed bottom, round, or cup-shaped formation. It is useful to a host of industries where metal sheets and plastics are used for small series and mass production. In other words, most everyday objects used by humans are made by this process.

In the case of progressive die stamping, it is used during metal forming to create parts for several industries. It is generally used in high-volume production with components functioning at a higher rate of speed. It is usually placed into a reciprocating stamping press, and as the press moves up, the die goes up. When the press moves down, the die closes and performs the stamping process.

Clients may contact the company’s customer care right here at so that they can get the lowest quote compared to other competitors worldwide.

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